Re-Playing Neverwinter Nights for the First Time in Like 12 Years.

Things observed playing Neverwinter Nights

-It’s not as bad as I remembered it. I think it was a combination of being so overhyped (back when Megatokyo was legitimately on par with Penny Arcade in terms of popularity, influence and gaming content) and not having a machine good enough to run it without it crashing every few dozen crates I’d open that soured my opinion of it when it first came out. That said…

-God, the Voice Acting in this game is atrocious. I know you’re probably supposed to like, sympathize and even be attracted to Aribeth, but god, that voice.  MVP for voice acting goes to the generic NPC old man who says “What? What? What? …Hellooo!”  You nailed it.  Everyone else can go home; don’t expect a callback.

-Searching rooms by looking in all of the crates is super tedious. There’s a reason why most DMs will give you a throw for searching the room and then just telling you everything you find. You will literally spend 5 to 10 times longer essentially digging in couch cushions for loose change than you will fighting monsters in NWN.

-I’d forgotten how bad the boobplate was in this game.  I don’t have a problem with boobplate per se, but I feel like the designs in NWN are exceptionally stupid looking.  Aribeth’s armor probably does at least 1HP in piercing damage to herself any time she has to lean forward or stoop to pick something up.


Seriously dumb looking armor

-Multi-classing in stupid ways has its appeal; what doesn’t work well at the table or takes too much time to do long-hand can be fun in video games. I’ve always maintained, even after I’d sworn off playing it at the table again, that 3e was a great system to implement for CRPGs.

-In 3e, Wizards are better at disarming traps that Rogues. Rogues have to dump points into disarming traps. Wizards can force their familiars to set off the traps and eat the 85 points of fireball damage then scoop out the treasure for themselves.

-Even though they try hard to play up Sharwyn’s sexy (her original portrait was apparently stolen from a Catherine Zeta Jones pinup), it’s obvious that Linu is the superior waifu character – she is basically a clumsy anime girl whose deity is Sailor Moon (sorry, lengthy Forgotten Realms wiki page, you can’t convince Sehanine Moonbow is not Sailor Moon). Plus, tanky clerics are just better than bards unless you’re already playing a tank.  I accidentally did Beggar’s Nest last, because I was thinking “Oh, undead, yeah, I’ll deal with that last because screw fighting undead as an archer”; I showed up over-leveled as hell with Linu, and she popped 80% of the enemies in the area with Turn Undead while my pet Dire Boar and Jaguar familiar Kitten Kat made pretty short work of the ones that didn’t get dusted.


Linu (left) does bear an unsettling resemblance to Marina Sirtis, though…

I promise, as soon as I get a minute, I’ll actually write up my penultimate B4 post.  Man, I’ve got too much stuff in my Things To Do Queue!  At least I’m ahead of the game on my Wargame Wednesday content.  


Liana K and Kite Tales

This is neato.  Liana K has one of the more interesting perspectives of video games journalists out there, and Kite Tales, who mostly does a lot of really cutesy and whimsical video game-related stuff (sometimes with puppets!), was actually one of the first critics of Feminist Frequency I came across.