Post-mortem of A-to-Z challenge & Hugo Awards

I’ll admit, I kind of half-assed this year’s A-to-Z Challenge. I was maybe going to do something a bit more in-depth and meaningful with it, but then the Hugo Drama got turned up to 11. Frankly that took up more of my time and emotional capacity than I had meant for it to or was really even healthy, perhaps. But sometimes you’ve gotta stick your head out the window and shout “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” And that’s how I felt about the attacks and libel which were at their worst at the beginning of April.

I can’t really say that doing the challenge boosted my readership any, nor did it bring many commenters except for those who are ‘just dropping by’. That my post count for April doubled my average without doubling views doesn’t say much concrete, as the content wasn’t quite normal blog fare, but overall I’ll say it didn’t pay off. If things are less crazy next year, I’ll consider doing it again, but if next year’s Hugo Season is just as maddening as this, I can’t say I won’t focus more on the latter. Hugos ranting got me a lot more click-thrus than posting songs.

Speaking of clicks… I got briefly noticed by Mike Glyer as a “less easily identifiable other” on File770 for my post defining what Fan Writer means to me. Luckily, it was not, as I had feared, the Eye of Sauron cast upon my page.

Based on some of the nominating numbers I’ve seen and taking into account a large section of the sci-fi blogosphere’s determination to nuke the Hugos from space, I have some worry for the smaller categories. From what I understand of how No Award works, if it gets a plurality in a category simply because of people who are voting a straight No Award ticket, it will knock out all of those works in minor categories voted on by folks who were actually approaching each category in earnest and trying to vote out of the five based on individual merit. Hopefully the number of jerkass ideologue who REALLY want to spend $40 just to vote a no award straight temper tantrum ticket and smash the trophies so that no one can have them constitutes such a small fraction of the Hugo voters that they won’t edge out even the most obscure categories.

Music – Xinombra, Till Annie

// Sorry that you will probably have to click the link to this one.

Totally dug these guys back in 07/08 when Myspace was still a thing.  Unfortunately, Xinombra’s web footprint is tiny.  Fortunately, there’s still something left, and it’s more than the 4 track EP I downloaded back 7 or 8 years ago.

Betcha thought I was going to post Xasthur for X, didn’tcha?

Also, they have an 11 minute version of Rind now (or within the last 6 years)?  Freakin’ badass!