SyFy Has Done a Thing

Suey Park riding that ruin to her own TV special!


Nice job, SyFy, on bringing the Navy Seal sniper copypasta to life.

At no point does Suey realize that the sort of thing that happened to her is what happens to the people she and those like her have targeted (Matt Taylor and Richard Dawkins both spring to mind).  Lots of people get brigaded for wrong think or being un-PC, and Suey and people like her are often leading the charge.  Online death threats and harassment are wrong and terrible and in no way condonable, but man, the lack of self-awareness just makes me face-palm.  I would’ve liked to hear her say “As an online activist with nearly 20 thousand followers, this made me stop and think ‘have I been responsible for sending hate mobs after people when I call them out?'”

With a 20-1 downvote ratio and SyFy delisting the vid, I’ll bet the chances are slim we’ll be seeing much more of this unless the people at the network who greenlit this really want it to be the cross they martyr themselves on.

I think I found some deleted scenes