The Agalla Bypass

The Agalla Bypass was supposed to save Agalla, and all of southern Ungoza, from falling into isolation, in hopes of drawing trade and travel from Gatlia into the province by a more direct route.  However, most Gatlian merchants are more apt to send their goods south into the Cirsovan heartlands; the Marshfolk prefer their own traditional foods to the fare grown in Gatlia, and Galbarrow has local fishers who more than sustain it.  The Bypass is often so desolate that even bandits avoid it, ironically making it one of the safest imperial roads in the far north.


Agalla is the nominal capital of Ungoza.  Despite that, it is the smallest Cirsovan city in the province, not benefiting from the mineral boom of Cratera and only receiving minimal boon from the port in Galbarrow.

Tribute and taxes from Illi, Onna and Galbarrow, such that they are, are collected by the autocrat here before being sent southward to Gatia.  Tarriffs and incomes generated by New Cratera and the Long Road are remitted directly to the imperial magistrates in Davou, thus Agalla sees little of Ungoza’s profits in her own coffers.

Agalla was originally founded so that there would be a Cirsovan city which settlers and bureaucrats could call home after the annexation, as most heartlanders found life in the Eastern Marshes difficult and unpleasant.  Agalla is largely Cirsovan, however there are frequent native Marshfolk visitors, and occasionally even Ortians may be found conducting business. The Cirsovan people here lack the general optimism and imperial pride of their cousins to the southwest; much of the frontier zeal wore off after the road to New Cratera from Davou was completed.

Those wanting to journey eastward into the marshlands, where many native Ungozans remain, may do so from Agalla.