Akai Katana is a Lazy Garbage Game

I don’t get how this game got such great reviews. As bullet-hell games go, there really aren’t that many bullets going on here. Despite the promises of “beautiful bullet paterns”, I feel like I don’t need more than both hands to count the times they showed up. It looks like it was made a decade ago; like a Raiden (which is a much better game) with a more muted palette. The surprising thing is that this game is by Cave, and Deathsmiles, which came out a few years before this, was a much prettier game with more solid mechanics.

I guess I’m just spoiled by playing the Touhou games. Or maybe I just like games with WAY more bullets and more elaborate patterns. Also, I feel like Akai Katana was maybe 1/3 as long as the average Touhou game, too. Good thing my girlfriend picked up it from the library instead of actually having to pay for it.


And speaking of garbage games, the legends are true!  ET Cartridges have been discovered in the deserts near Alamogordo!