What’s in a Name?

Two of the questions I face most frequently are “How do you pronounce Cirsova?” and “Where did you get the name?”

The C is a hard (like in Latin) and is pronounced kɜrs oʊ və.

The name comes from back when Cirsova was a setting blog. Cirsova is the heartland imperial province.  Long before the ‘contemporary’ Cirsovan Empire came into being, a tribe called the Akhirs invaded and migrated to the riparian highlands, which became known as ‘the nest’ or ‘the egg’ of the Akhirs, “Akhirs’ Ova”, which eventually morphed into Cirsova.

I kept the name for the magazine because I already had the name for the website and because it’s the only thing that shows up if you Google it (for the first few years, searches would mostly turn up Alissa Firsova).


This Is Not the Fantasy Blog You’re Looking For…

My Choose Your Own Adventure Story, “City at the Top of the World”, takes place in the aforementioned setting during a time that pre-dates the arrival of the Akhirs, the founding of the Cirsovan Empire, and the fall of the Dreamers’ Polar kingdom (though the book presages this last event). It’s not exactly the sort of pulse-pounding pulp action you might expect considering the overall bent of the site lately, but if you’re curious about a CYOA ‘Weird’ fantasy, you might enjoy it. Seriously, one of these days, I’ll reformat the physical version of the book to make it easier to buy on Amazon.