A Porn Company is Using Cirsova’s Name and Amazon Refuses to Act

A company that primarily sells posters of pornographic images and cars on Amazon is selling a poster of a Caspar David Fredriech painting that we posted once years ago and is using the name “Cirsova” in the listing.

Cirsova is a unique word that was not used for anything prior to the existence of this blog, the publishing company and the magazine it publishes.

Amazon’s IP protection department, however, refuses to act, claiming first that we failed to make proper “identification of the intellectual property right asserted” and later claiming that our rights were unenforceable.

All we want is the name “Cirsova” taken out of the product listing; the company can sell their posters and their porn–we just do not want our company and magazine’s name associated with them!


Because Createspace Is Not Very Good…

I’m going to be offering another cool thing that will be a Kickstarter exclusive.

I’m 5 pages short from being able to include spine text on print copies of the first issue, and I don’t know that I want to add blank pages at the end or try to cram in extra advertising.

Cirsova will be offering up to 100 ad-free hardcover copies with dust jackets as a Kickstarter reward.

I want to fulfill my stated goal of creating something that will not only be filled with great science fiction but also look nice on your shelf.

I’m expecting to receive the soft-cover pre-proof VERY SOON.  Kickstarter will go live before the end of the month.

C’mon, Amazon, it’s 5 freaking pages! Leave the text, let me see a proof, and if it doesn’t fit on the spine, let the designer fix it!


Last Day to Download City at the Top of the World for Free!

Today is the last day to get the Kindle Edition of City at the Top of the World for free from Amazon.   Quite a few free copies have been downloaded so far.  Please share this and help City at the Top of the World to break 100 free downloads!  So far, it’s peaked at #45 in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Reads.



Free Copy Countdown

Tomorrow is the last day to download your Amazon Kindle copy of City at the Top of the World for free.  Over 50 copies have been given away so far.  It’s peaked at #48 in free Sci-if/Fantasy short reads.

If you’ve downloaded it and liked it, review it! Gimme a star(or five. Preferably 5)!

Or, if you really liked it, you could buy a nice dead-tree-pulp version from LuluAlexcirsova-72dpi-1500x2000. The promo code should still be good for 15% off your entire lulu order, so grab some other swag while you’re there: FWD15