Short Reviews – The Attack of the Giant Baby, Kit Reed

The Attack of the Giant Baby by Kit Reed appears in the January 1976 issue of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Paul Atler successfully sued Disney and was awarded $300,000 in 1993 after claiming they ripped off his unfilmed script “Now, That’s a Baby!” for “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid”. Kit Reed should probably sue Paul Atler for ruining her shot at an equally valid suit that Disney ripped off her dreadful 1976 short story.  Personally, I think we should file a class action against all three of them stipulating no more giant baby stories.

The only things that The Attack of the Giant Baby has going for it are that it’s ‘Exactly What it Says On the Tin‘ and the promised sequel “The Attack of the Giant Toddler” either does not exist or is at least published in some other rag that I don’t have and won’t look for.

It is exactly what you’d expect from a giant baby story: science gone wrong, a hand-wringing mother, and a giant baby causing destruction as it plays with things until the army shows up. This story is fine if you’ve never seen a movie with or read a story about a giant anything before, but giant baby stories are boring because they lack the deep and complex existential pain that can be explored in giant man stories. Or the sexy of giant lady stories.

Reed also wrote The Holdouts, so I can at least say “She got better”.