Is Hercules Sleeping With Dudes a Big Deal

The “bisexuality” of Hercules is now a part of Marvel’s botched pandering to the diversity monger crowd. Their mistake is that Hercules is not bisexual: he is omni-sexual.

Herc ended up with such a reputation for trying to have sex with everything that moved that by the classical Greek period, he’d become a meme. He was shorthand for drunken sex & lechery, a cheap laugh-line. A drunk Hercules could pop up from behind a rock at any moment and go “did someone say sex with animals?” and the Athenian crowds would howl. In fact, he wouldn’t even have to say it. Hercules could pop up and mug the crowd (as best as one can mug through a Greecian drama mask), and someone would probably say “Old Aeschylus better clench his cheeks, for Heracles is on the prowl!”

So, uh… Hercules sticking his dick in a wide assortment of things is not a particularly original concept. What is new is that some folks may actually be trying to make the case that this has anything to do with progressivism or diversity.

Take a look at this panel that I’ve seen going around.  See, this is silly where the characters are acting like getting boned by Hercules is something special. These ladies appear to be acting as though sleeping with the highschool quarterback who has not only screwed every girl who would put out but also the mascot (not just the guy in the costume, but probably him too) is some sort of thing to brag about. In fact, this panel is like the cheer squad wondering why guy who wears the costume isn’t proud of what happened. Plus, it looks and reads like those old wincest memes*…


Poor Northstar, but thousands of years of western literature should’ve clued him in that Herc would kiss & tell.

*Update: See what I mean?

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