Review of Jim Breyfogle’s The Golden Pearl

Nathan Housley over at Castalia House has reviewed the latest Mongoose & Meerkat story from Jim Breyfogle, The Golden Pearl.

With this aquatic adventure, Mangos and Kat cement themselves as Cirsova’s answer to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

You can read the whole review here.

The Golden Pearl, by Jim Breyfogle, appears in Cirsova #3, Out Now.

Catch up on all of Mangos and Kat’s adventures in Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 1: Pursuit Without Asking, coming soon from Cirsova Publishing!

6 x 9 cover

Hugo Noms are Live!

So a few of my picks made it!

Huge congrats to Jeffro Johnson, Douglas Ernst, and Kukuruyo.

Also, to the Castalia House family which I’m honored to be a part of.

A bunch of my picks were underdogs, so I didn’t expect them to get it, but hey, some of the names I’d floated even before SP4/RP2 made it.  The only real shame is that TIE Fighter didn’t make Dramatic Short Form.

Some of the Noms this year are positively magic.

I am, as has been pointed out, more “puppy-adjacent” than I am a Puppy, but I really can’t help but rub my hands together in glee over a few of these, particularly Kukuruyo, whom I DID vote for, and Chuck Tingle.

I wasn’t sure if I’d spring for a voting membership this year, but I think I just might…  Also, yay for the Leigh Brackett in the Retros!

Jeffro Johnson Makes the Sad Puppies Slate for the Hugo Awards

You heard it here first, folks, that Jeffro Johnson was gonna be somebody someday! Sure, it takes awhile to get past his crusty gamer exterior and his fundamentalist outlook on how games should be played (for which I’ve ribbed him in the past), but he’s always been on my shortlist of to-read blogs, and I deem him a gentleman and a scholar. Hell, when he’s not regularly updating his wordpress, I stalk him on G+ because he’s got a damn good nose for content.

Anyway, Jeffro’s been quasi-nominated for a Hugo Award for best Best Fan Writer. Why do I say quasi-nominated? Because the Hugo Awards nomination process is more convoluted than I can piece together, but a handful of “important” writers have listed Jeffro in their nomination picks. But because these writers have ‘the wrong ideas’, it’s generally assumed that their picks have ‘the wrong ideas’, so between accusations of ballot-stuffing and the longshot nature of some of the noms, who knows who’ll end up where. From what I can tell, the Hugo Awards has turned into a bunch of name-calling and slap-fighting over diversity in science fiction and fantasy, but hey, spaceship trophy!

What’s the “Best Fan Writer” category you ask? Don’t feel bad, most other folks don’t really know what it is either without having to look it up. It’s not for fan fiction. It generally means someone who has produced some sort of content related to science fiction or fantasy appearing in kind of underground zines, online or otherwise, paying or otherwise. Is it like if the Grammys had an award for “Best punk band that hasn’t toured outside the county yet”? Maybe. But whatever it means, you can be sure that someone (besides me) has taken notice of how awesome and potentially important the work Jeffro has done analyzing and proselytizing Appendix N over at Castalia House is.

Props to you, Jeffro, and props to Castalia House.

(Disclosure: Jeffro Johnson was a playtester for the Video Game I developed and coded in Microsoft Word and is listed in the Acknowledgements.)