Sick Kitty Super Sale Fundraiser

I hate eBegging, so I’m not going to eBeg unless I get really desperate. But here’s the scoop…

This is Millie, my one year old kitty:Millie.png

She’s had a handful of health problems and managed to rack up quite a vet bill! While it looks like some recent freelance work will cover her bloodwork and heartworm test, she still needs a chest X-Ray and some some medicine, which will total out to an additional $250.

Kitty comes before Cirsova, so this will be coming largely out of our 2018 art budget (which at the moment has just shy of that amount actually sitting in it).

If you want to help out either Millie or the Magazine, here’s what you can do to help:

Buy an ad in the Spring issue. This will help right away because that money doesn’t have to filter through payment networks for a month before hitting the account. I know that it’s gonna be a minute before the Spring issue comes out (late February/early March), but at this point it would really help us out.

Buy a hardcover. We make a bit more per unit on these, so if a dozen or so folks spring for one, it would shore up our budget a lot. Everyone who’s gotten these has been blown away by the quality.

-Buy softcover copies for your friends. Or for your doctors and dentists. If you want to buy a stack so you can leave copies in waiting rooms, we offer really cheap bulk rates ($30 for 5 copies + $20 for each additional 5). This would also fall under “helping right away”, since you’d pay us directly and we’d put in the fulfillment order.

Buy yourself a copy on Amazon. Even though the money will take a few weeks to filter to our account, healthy and steady sales allow us to keep our coffers reasonably filled, especially when accounting for emergencies that can hit the personal budget hard.

-If you already have copies of every issue, feel free to buy some Cirsova Merch.


Skelos Funded, Convention Prep and a Cat Picture

Skelos funded with just shy of 500 backers and raised nearly $20,000!

I’m in for a lifetime subscription and can hardly wait to see issue 1! Plus, I hear that Adrian Cole will be prominently featured in future issues.

If you’ve still got any scratch left over and one pulp SFF magazine in July just isn’t enough for you, consider putting in a pre-order for Cirsova #2.  $2 gets you a PDFs, $10 gets you a softcover; plus, we’ve got a lot of other cool stuff for backers.

The cutest little baby hurt herself somehow, so she’s off the vet first thing in the morning.  After I get her squared away, I’ll be loading in several boxes of issue 1, the Dracula comp, and a few (5 of each) ARCs of issue 2 to sell at my first ever convention table at River City Comic Expo. It’ll be open to the public Saturday and Sunday.


Mew should buy something to offset my doctor bills.