While part of me wants to be happy to have contributed to the improvement of BFRPG and the Morgansfort module, it’s with a bit of bitter regret.  Having a long time to reflect on the things I said and the complaints I made, I’m incredibly embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of myself and my behavior, and still I feel like my apology to Chris was not really enough.  I was at a very dark and strange period in my life then, and while I was and still am uncomfortable with some of the things, I’ve found I can easily ignore what I don’t like and use what I do, and I’m upset at myself with the way I initially approached the subject.  Looking back on it now, I’d definitely think that whoever wrote that was being an asshole.  Trust me, BFRPG, it wasn’t you, it was me.  But if Chris thinks that he was able to make BFRPG better because I was a jerk, let me tell you, it is a truly humbling thing.

Thanks, Chris, and I’m sorry for having been a jerk.