Halloween Music for Halloween Time!

In another lifetime (two years ago), I put out a Halloween album that was a major factor in the ruin of my life. What an awesome and decadent ruin it was! It featured twelve cuts from twelve bands from four different countries, was released on CD and Vinyl (colored and glow in the dark!), and had art-work by Chris Hastings, the guy who draws Dr. McNinja. I sing on one track and play bass on another.

Anyway, my label folded because I couldn’t keep sending good money after bad, and, among other things, I’m stuck with a huge stockpile of these that I’d love to get out my spare room and into the loving hands of music fans everywhere.

So, check it out! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard

Music – The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard

Once Upon a Time, I put out a Halloween album.  It’s still available on CD, LP and MP3 on Amazon and many other places.  It features original artwork by Christopher Hastings of Dr McNinja.

Please consider checking it out!

Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard