Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has had a good Christmas!

We received a number of great presents and well-wishes from everyone this season, including this lovely gift art from StarTwo.


For those who don’t know, StarTwo illustrated our 70th Anniversary Leigh Brackett’s Stark. They’re currently working on a comic project for friend-of-the-magazine, James Streissand, and we can’t wait to see it come to fruition!

We also got a wonderful Christmas gift from Team Shanghai Alice, getting permission to include some original Touhou art on our upcoming 5th Anniversary Issue.

The Winter Issue comes out tomorrow! I hope you saved some Christmas gift money to pick up a copy!

Duel Visions Christmas Sale

The Duel Visions Christmas Sale is running from today through New Years!

The Duel Visions ebook is only .99 on Amazon.

Also worth noting that the paperback has a pretty deep discount right now, too!

Be sure to check out this great anthology of weird horror and macabre fiction from Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen!

Featured Image -- 13516

Cirsova Christmas Sale! Wild Stars & Duel Visions

Merry Christmas from Cirsova!

We have some big sales and promotions going on over the holidays.

The Wild Stars omnibus is half-off on Lulu! [Get another 15% on top of that with promo code LKAB317CD].

Omnibus Cover 0.05 Front Only

Also, Book of Circles is available at 1/2 off the cover price through our Aero store!

WS 1 Shark

Also, starting tomorrow, eBooks of Duel Visions by Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen will be only 99 cents [we’ll post a reminder]. Right now, though, you can get the paperback for as low as $4!

Featured Image -- 13516

Cirsova Merch Store Test

Stickied Post

We are trying a thing.

We’ve set up a small merch store through Teepublic.

Teepublic is substantially cheaper to buyers than CafePress and has a reputation for better quality prints. While it’s not quite the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink product approach that CafePress offers, T-Shirts and Coffee mugs tend to suffice.

Right now, the Issue #2 variant cover art and our logo are the only two designs available. If things work out, we may expand the product line to include some other designs.

Until 11 CST, T-Shirts are only $14.

Rumor has it, if you buy soon, you will get it in time for Christmas.

Christmas Comes Early for Anti- #GamerGate

Anti-GG got two massive Christmas presents between the ZQ fanfic and Jimmy Wales admitting that evidence of wrong-doing is not requisite to be known for wrong-doing.

No one was talking about the ZQ ebook (as a self-published ebook on amazon, anyone could have put it up there) or knew it existed until the Techcrunch article came out about it. Yesterday, completely off the radar. It may not have even existed yesterday and today it no longer exists at all. It’s ridiculously unlikely that anyone in GG had anything to do with this precisely because of how obvious it is how it would be perceived. So far, I haven’t seen anyone who is Pro-GG condoning this*** and many who are loudly condemning it.

Most Likely Culprits?*
Anon Trolls
Something Awful Goons

Somewhat Likely Culprits?
Random Anti-GG False Flaggers

Not likely But Possible Culprits?
Prominent Anti-GG Individuals

Least Likely Culprits?
Actual Pro-GG individuals

As for the Wikipedia thing, it’s kind of a facepalm moment, but it’s really to be expected. When the whole thing is about questioning the reliability of media sources, and only the media sources whose reliability is in question are considered reliable while media sources who question the reliability of other media sources are not, of course you’re going to end up with an absurd bias. If Wikipedia existed in Germany in the 1930s, articles about Jews would focus heavily on how they were detrimental to the economy and how they mixed the blood of Christian babies into their matzo balls, and Jimmy Wales would say “Well, that’s what Jews are famous for” because Der Sturmer was a reliable source and Jewish publications were not.

Consumers of media: “The Media is corrupt and holds its audience in contempt!”
The Media: “The Media is not corrupt, and anyone saying we are is racist and sexist!”
Wikipedia: “Well, if the media says those who question it are racist and sexist…”

ask yourself

*Update: There is another possibility of just a sick weirdo trying to cash in while not realizing there is no audience for it.  There was one other ebook by the offending author, Valeria O., published on amazon around a year ago, featuring erotic content.

**Update 2: Major break, though awaiting verification.  Author of the ZQ erotic fan fic posts an AMA on Kotaku in Action, admits she is not involved with Gamergate and apologizes for dragging the tag’s name through the mud.****

***Update 3: Disclosure, I am seeing some folk in the AMA saying more or less ‘write whatever you want’, so you can take that as condoning.

****Update 4: If this is real*****, my favorite part of the apology is that the author maybe thought this was a good idea because she found the Internet Aristocrat x Nero(Milo Yiannopoulos) erotic fan fiction when she was doing ‘research’.

*****Update 5: Apparently it has been verified that yes, this is the author.

Krampus is ruined and you nerds ruined him

That’s right, all you nerds and hipsters going “Hurr, hurr, Christmas is here, time for the Krampus!  You guys knew there was a Christmas monster, right?” have turned a delightful holiday tradition into an annoyance, just like people who get butthurt over something as innocuous as charcoal-black menservants ruined Zwarte Piet.  It’s time to let Krampus go back underground for awhile.  Let him play some dives under an alias, record some new tunes, drop an EP or two, and maybe then he will be welcome once again.

In the meantime, might I suggest folks move on to ruining the jólaköttur, who is far more internet friendly.

kitty in santa hat

As soon as he wakes up, Yule Cat is going to kill everyone who didn’t get flannel shirts for Christmas.

A Music Store Page

You may or may not have noticed that there’s a new “Page” link in the upper corner called “Music Store“.

You should click on it 🙂

I said awhile back that I’d let everyone know what was up with my business and whether or not I’d be continuing it into the new year.  Personal problems, car problems, all sorts of crazy problems have led to me to the conclusion that I simply cannot afford to run a small business/hobby business, pouring money and time into it for very little return.  I’ve concluded that it’s something I need to take a break from, stack up some chips, so to speak, concentrate on my girlfriend, my day job, and on Cirsova.  As such, Retro Virus Records is no longer going to be a “business”, at least for the immediate future, and I’m probably not going to be putting out near as much music as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a ton of CDs and LPs that are sitting around either in my storage room or on the shelves of various distributors.

So, I invite you to check out some of these albums.  They’ll be marked down soon, especially from the Kunaki store, so they might make some nice Christmas presents for folks.

Also, over the next month or so, I’ll be doing some “spotlights” on each of these old albums.