A Brief Summary of the Tingling

  • Vox Day & Rabid Puppies say “Let’s Nominate Chuck Tingle for the lulz!”
  • Chuck Tingle gets nominated, proceeds to be awesome and hilarious, even in the face of pressure from anti-puppies that he withdraw because he’s ruining the Hugos by being there.
  • Puppies and Puppy Adjacents say “Chuck Tingle is awesome, let’s get him a Hugo!”
  • Chuck Tingle posts jokes about Vox Day and announces Zoe Quinn will accept the award for him.
  • Many of the people previously saying Tingle should withdraw because he’s ruining the Hugos say “Let’s get Chuck Tingle a Hugo; that’ll show Vox Day, the Puppies and Gamergate!”
  • Puppies and Puppy Adjacents – “We’re okay with this!”

Love is Real

For some reason, I don’t think giving Space Raptor Butt Invasion—a work that wouldn’t even be on the ballot if it were not for Vox Day—a Hugo is going to teach Vox Day a lesson.

Just as planned

Just as planned!

All I know is that my Legends of Science Fiction T-shirt should be arriving sometime this week, and I can’t wait.

Serious important post and announcement later today.

Chuck Tingle Shows Himself to Be One of the Bravest Authors in Sci-Fi as NK Jemisin Tries to Bully Him Into Rejecting His Hugo Nomination

Hugo Nominee NK Jemisin wants Chuck Tingle gone.


Chuck Tingle stands up to the bullying because LOVE IS REAL!


See, here is the thing: even if you think it is inappropriate or ridiculous that Tingle got a nomination, how freaking inappropriate is it for one nominee for an award (even if in a different category) to tell another that they should withdraw?  Frankly, I find it disgusting.

Another thing about Tingle; I had my doubts, but honestly, Tingle’s stuff is HILARIOUS! Most folks who aren’t immediately creeped out and turned off by the gay can’t help but find the guy and his stuff a riot.  Yesterday I saw someone say “did you ever think we put Tingle on there because he’s awesome?”, and yeah, I gotta say, especially what I’ve seen the last two days from him on twitter and in his interviews, that I agree.

Yesterday I even found a reading of his nominated story on youtube. It’s like a less preachy Left Hand of Darkness. (warning: VERY NSFW!)

On a tangentially related note, it’s strange seeing the folks wailing about My Little Pony getting a nod, considering short form is almost always full of comic book shows and Dr. Who.  Because god knows that a cartoon is going to taint the prestige of something frequently given to a reboot of a crusty old children show from 50 years ago.