Cirsova Christmas Sale! Wild Stars & Duel Visions

Merry Christmas from Cirsova!

We have some big sales and promotions going on over the holidays.

The Wild Stars omnibus is half-off on Lulu! [Get another 15% on top of that with promo code LKAB317CD].

Omnibus Cover 0.05 Front Only

Also, Book of Circles is available at 1/2 off the cover price through our Aero store!

WS 1 Shark

Also, starting tomorrow, eBooks of Duel Visions by Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen will be only 99 cents [we’ll post a reminder]. Right now, though, you can get the paperback for as low as $4!

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Interview with Critical Blast

Last Sunday, I was on with RJ Carter of Critical Blast. We were supposed to have Michael Tierney with us, but his computer at home is a potato and could log into StreamYard.

I was a little under-prepared, because this was supposed to be Michael’s stream and I was just gonna chill and let him do most of the talking.

Be sure to buy as much Wild Stars as you can so we can afford to get Michael a computer that he can actually stream on!

Also, don’t forget, we’re accepting submissions now!

Quick Review: Beastars

My GF ends up with a lot of strange manga from the library. Some of it I read, I lot of it I skip.

I am glad I did not skip Beastars.

beastars 1

This one is… woo… Bizarre.

Did any of you watch the special features of Zootopia, where they had an almost-finished grimdark version that was focused on how society basically oppressed the carnivores by forcing them to suppress their predatory urges? And how that movie was almost completely scrapped?

beastars 2

Okay, now, imagine that crossed with Urakata!! [Behind the Scenes], and you get Beastars.

Set in a world of petting zoo people awkwardly integrated in a quasi-human society, Beastars opens with an alpaca being murdered and eaten by a predator.

The story focuses on an awkward wolf, who was the alpaca’s best friend, how he is coping with the tragedy and struggling with his own predatory nature.

So, how I said “crossed with Urakata!!”? The wolf and his friend were in the theater club–the wolf is a tech guy, while the alpaca was an actor–and much of the story revolves around the theater work and personalities of the club, which is putting on a play about death for the Welcome event for students in the new term.

It’s strange, but really compelling. The art is fantastic, and as kind of an awkward and autistic dude who did technical theater in highschool, I can kind of relate to the wolf.

Apparently there will be an anime for it that will start airing next week, too.


So, the Wild Stars Proofs are In…! What Now?

We’re very excited that we got the proofs in so that we had physical product to show people, but the work doesn’t end here!

The proofs are practical, in that they’ve let us see a few adjustments that we have to make before going to print.

There are a few minor adjustments here and there in some of the books, a couple of tweaks and corrections; we’ll be making those in the next few days prior to putting in the order for a run to fulfill to backers.

The good news is, we are on-track for meeting our delivery goal–maybe even ahead of schedule!

Thank you for your support for Wild Stars, and we’re looking forward to getting these magnificent books in your hands!

There are only 4 days left on the Wild Stars kickstarter, so if you can, tell your friends and spread the word! The Kickstarter is about 2/3 of the way towards its goal, but will surely make it with one big push here at the end!

proofs 4

One Week Left to Back Wild Stars!

There’s only one week left to back the Kickstarter for the 35th Anniversary Editions of Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars!

The proofs arrived last week, and they look fantastic!

Here’s a sneak peek at the interiors for the new edition of Book of Circles!
The artwork is ~20% larger than originally published in individual comic form and substantially larger than when it was resized to fit the trade format of the previous collected editions. There are a lot of little details in the artwork that could’ve been missed in the smaller formats that are now more apparent, including several easter eggs and Chekov’s Guns hiding in the backgrounds.


This project is very important to the future of Cirsova Publishing. While any retail sales we get of our magazines won’t pay out for 90 days following the close of period, the money we make off Wild Stars WILL be available in time for our October acquisition period. So, the better Wild Stars does for us, the more money Cirsova Publishing will have to acquire fiction for 2020 and pay our art and editorial teams!