Where Davou is Cirsova’s gate to the north, Daaln is the empires gate to the south.  Daaln has the distinction of being the first imperial city founded outside of the heartland under an imperial charter and not built on the site of an earlier Cirsovan or Pre-Cirsovan settlement.

Emperor Orwen Gladus was the first to recognize that Cirsova needed to look beyond the Heartlands to secure her fortunes.  It was his son and successor, Orwen Akana, fifth Emperor of Cirsova, who would see his ambitions realized.

Daaln was built far to the south of Gatia, within sight of the borders of Karkuras, and fortified during the first years of Orwen Akana’s reign, some 90 years after the founding of the Imperial City.

When Karkuras faced invasive migration from Paelnor, leading to the Second Great War of Unification fought by the Cirsovan Empire, Daaln was used as a principal base of operation for Orwen Akana’s southern legions. Today, it stands as a reminder to the military might which subdued both the horsemen of the Plains of Karkuras and the rampaging nomads of Paelnor.

While Daaln is not at a crossroads, its strategic point as the only city connected by road to the southern provinces has ensured thriving markets and trade, though it does not benefit greatly from the northern Crystal trade; the finished Crystal that arrives in Gatia usually makes its way throughout the rest of the empire by sea travel.  Karkuras, still inhabited largely by nomads, has less demand for finished crystal, and the civilized port of Corineaus may receive such shipments directly from Syflanis.  That does not mean that Polaran crystal is unheard of in Daaln; it simply finds its way into the hands of the local aristocracy, rather than making its way further south by overland routes.

Skitis, another borderwatch town, lies southeast of Daaln and is connected by Imperial road.  The main road leading southwest out of Daaln eventually reaches Doan, at the crossroads of Karkuras.

Second Great War of Unification

The Second Great War of Unification refers to the period roughly 100 years after the founding of Gatia, during the Reign of Orwen Akana, Fifth Emperor of Cirsova, during which Paelnor and Karkuras were added to the Imperial Dominion.

Late in the Reign of Orwen Akana’s father, the hostile Kingdom of Sabrio sought to expand their domains, challenging the young kingdoms that had taken seed in the future provinces of Karkuras and Paelnor. The nomadic horsemen of Karkuras, find their ranges threatened, both fought against the incurring Paelnorans, and moved their roaming grounds north, into southern Cirsova, and west, into the more settled parts of Karkuras.

Cirsova responded first by building up Daaln and Skitis to act as a ‘borderwatch’ against  the encroachment from Karkuras. Orwen Akana raised the imperial legions and marched south. The Emperor quickly realized that the problem lay further south, not with the horsemen, but with those who had attacked and threatened to displace them. The Prince of Athdaelda sent word to the Cirsovans that he was willing to commit arms against the neighboring horsemen, if the Emperor could but aid him in his defense against the expanding Kingdom of Sabrio.

Orwen Akana agreed and managed to travel quickly by the old roads from Skitis to the Orshiano valley. In Korsha, he raised a great fleet, which landed at the mouth of the Sabrio River (the eventual site of Diirdec). As he lead a force of marines up the Sabrio valley, the southern legions pushed back against the nomadic horsemen before joining with the Prince’s standing armies. The horsemen were eventually contained to the eastern plains against the Legion to the north, Athdaelda to the west, the Sabrio river (and the Emperor’s marine force) to the south, and the Dawnsea to the east. The flotilla from Korsha eventually laid waste to the entire kingdom of Sabrio, of which nothing remains today.

Almost a decade of relentless campaigning utterly destroyed Cirsova’s first true rival to primacy, secured the alliance by marriage to the most powerful surviving state (which would eventually become the Seat of the newly annexed province of Karkuras), established a new port from which the Empire could exert naval dominance of the Dawnsea, and so cowed the princes of Kieab and Xeln, that both abdicated their seats, lest they face the fate of the Kingdom of Sabrio. In time, the empire would be able to appoint autocrats to oversee the full annexation of Paelnor. The events of the Second Great War of Unification would ultimately double the size of the Cirsovan Empire by adding her first two provinces and secure Orwen Akana’s divinity in the eyes of the people, lesser only to the majestic Ga Akana.