About the Fires Rekindled Cover

One thing that’s raised a bit of eyebrows is the distinct cover of the third volume in our forthcoming collection of Julian Hawthorne’s All-Story Weekly fiction.

Since there were no original pieces of pulp art to use associated with either Doris Dances or Fires Rekindled, Michael Tierney suggested that we have an original piece done by Dark Filly, who has become Cirsova Magazine’s regular interior illustrator since the glowing reception of her work on Mongoose and Meerkat.

But why is there a blond woman in Ancient Egypt being attacked by a necromancer? This has popped a couple monocles and gotten a few head shakes.

There is, however, a good reason for it, and DarkFilly nails the scene and Michael’s colors [specifically the blonde in Ancient Egypt] are accurate. 

Fires Rekindled contains a “pulp within a pulp”; while on the trail to find the identity of the individuals he feels a past-life connection with, the hero finds a Georgian/Regency magazine that loosely fictionalizes the affair and possible murder, setting it in Ancient Egypt.

As to why the princess is blond, the mise en abyme story is explicitly a ham-fisted and hackneyed thinly-veiled allegorical account of the blond visiting opera singer who died in Georgian England.

We decided that the climactic scene of the mise en abyme Egyptian tragedy would make a better cover than a guy poking around archives trying to solve the 100 year-old mystery [and a more exciting cover than an eccentric millionaire playing the banjo].

As for the more “cartoony” aesthetic, how does one convey a scene of a cartoon within a cartoon medium? We were challenged with conveying a pulp adventure [one which the text itself describes as pretty shlocky] within a pulp adventure. Of course, actual Georgian/Regency-era magazine covers were likely not particularly thrilling on the whole; the magazine the protagonist finds most likely looked [and was meant to evoke] something like Blackwood’s Magazine:

One Week Left on Mongoose and Meerkat!

We’ve got one week left on the Mongoose and Meerkat Kickstarter.

We hit our stretch goal to create OSR content, which will be included in the appendix of the Hardcover along with some early concept artwork from DarkFilly. Jim has reviewed and approved the bonus materials, so we’ll be doing the layout for the dust-jacket very soon.

Kat Inked Sketch

Test drawing of Kat scaling a wall

Also, I want to point out we still have 6 originals of the interior artwork available. We’d really like to be able to move these for a few reasons:

-DarkFilly did an amazing job; we agreed to a split on the art we sell, so the more of this we sell, the fatter a check we can send her for the work she’s done.

-If we sell all of the artwork, we’ll be in an excellent financial position to be able to start making offers on 2021 content.

-The artwork is really cool, and you can brag to your friends about owning a one-of-a-kind piece of Mongoose and Meerkat artwork.

MM-PG-19-20 v2

Brandy & Dye

Half-Way Through the Mongoose & Meerkat Kickstarter!

6 x 9 coverWe’re half-way through our crowdfund period, and at this time, we’ve got $250 to reach our $3k stretch goal to create OSR content based on the first five Mongoose & Meerkat adventures.

We could knock this out with one art-tier backer! Back on Kickstarter today!

We appreciate all of the support we’ve been giving during this rough time. This is a huge project for us and for our creative team, who’s been amazing.

We’d love to sell some of these original pieces of Mongoose & Meerkat interior artwork, because the more of these we sell, the bigger a check we can write to our artist, DarkFilly, who has graciously offered us a split on these.

In case you missed it, we had an interview with her here at Bounding into Comics. Plus, we had an interview with Jim over at Black Gate.

If we sell all of the original art pieces and the opportunities to be written into the upcoming Mongoose & Meerkat stories, this project could easily reach over $5k, which would put Cirsova in a great position for 2021.

Back now!





Interview with Mongoose and Meerkat Illustrator, DarkFilly

Bounding Into Comics has an interview we did with DarkFilly, our illustrator for Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose and Meerkat Vol 1: Pursuit Without Asking.

The interview can be read here.

Be sure to check out the Mongoose and Meerkat kickstarter. We’re just $650 away from our stretch goal to create OSR content for Mongoose and Meerkat’s adventures.

Thank you to all of our backers so far!

Goal Met

We Did It! On Day 3, Mongoose & Meerkat Hits Its Initial Goal!

Thanks to everyone who’s backed so far! We couldn’t do it without you!

[If you haven’t backed yet, you’ve still got time, but there’s no time like the present!]

DarkFilly did this promo piece to celebrate.

Goal Met

Next up, is our $3000 stretch goal.

If we hit $3k, I’ll be writing up RPG content based on the first five stories in case you’d like to try incorporating some of Mongoose & Meerkat’s adventures at your game table. This will be included in the Appendix of the Hardcover format.

These won’t be full modules, but the sort of statblocks and suggestions necessary to get you started on your own. For an example of my design philosophy on converting short adventure fiction to tabletop scenarios, check out this old review I did for Basil Wells’ Raiders of the Second Moon. https://cirsova.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/short-reviews-raiders-of-the-second-moon-by-basil-wells-as-gene-ellerman/

Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 1: Pursuit Without Asking

2020 is the Year of Mongoose at Cirsova Publishing!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that Cirsova Publishing will be releasing Jim Breyfogle’s Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 1: Pursuit Without Asking.

We will be taking pre-orders via Kickstarter beginning April 1st!

6 x 9 cover

This anthology collects the first five Mongoose and Meerkat adventures published in Cirsova Magazine, including:

  • The Battlefield of Keres – An ill-conceived bet brings Mangos and his new companion Kat to a vast no man’s land full of relics and magical anomalies in search of a fabled helm!
  • Brandy and Dye – High atop rock spires, above the breeze from the Devil’s Arse, men toil to collect the valuable guano of the Minix bird for Royal Dye, but when the production is threatened by distillers at dizzying heights, the dyers hire Mangos & Kat to bust a few heads!
  • The Sword of the Mongoose – When a shady merchant loses a bet with Mangos, he has nothing to pay with but the story of where a masterwork blade may be found! Can Mangos reach his prize before other treasure hunters?
  • The Valley of Terzol – Kat and Mangos are hired to accompany an adventurer to the ruins of Terzol in search of a lost delivery: a thousand-year-old receipt offers a clue to either fabulous rewards or certain death!
  • The Burning Fish – Seeking out the fabled Burning Fish for a client, Mangos and Kat instead find a strange cult devoted to keeping a simple life and protecting the secret of the fish at any cost!

As a bonus, this collection will feature Deathwater, a never before published original novelette!

This volume will be illustrated by the incredibly talented Chelsea, aka DarkFilly!

Also, don’t forget — our Spring issue, out March 13th, features an all new adventure from Jim Breyfogle, The Golden Pearl, and we’ll be running The Hunt of the Mine Worm later this year.

2-3 Spring Cover 0.03 Front Cover Only JPG