A Sneak Peak at Cirsova #5’s Art in Progress

Ben Rodriguez can be seen doing some work on the cover of our Spring 2016 issue during this livestream.

Please consider donating to the Darkzel Art Scholarship.

Update: Ku Kuru Yo has finished the cover art for issue #6

Issue 6 Cover Rough Front Only.png

Shoutouts: Jabari Weathers & the Zelart Scholarship

Jabari Weathers has added the clean Cirsova art to his  online gallery.  You should absolutely check out some of his other work.

If you have a project for which you need art and are looking for something with a dark and surreal 70s New Wavy take on fantasy, I highly recommend Mr. Weathers.  He was great to work with and got the project completed ahead of schedule (over holidays even!)

Though I may try to mix it up a bit, I absolutely want more Cirsova covers done by her in the future.


I don’t know if this is still the case, but the last I’d heard there had been no applicants to Postmortem Studio’s Darkzel art memorial scholarship.  I hope this is no longer the case.  It’s a relatively small thing, but something I strongly support and believe in.

If I had any advice for aspiring artists, it’s don’t listen to the art teachers who tell you to stop doodling monsters and cartoon characters.  If you’re an artist and want your art to feed you someday, SFF illustration is where it’s at.  Your talents will be appreciated and in high demand.  The journeyman artist has always been a thing, but with today’s publishing boom in both fiction and gaming, you’re going to be more sought after and have more opportunities than ever.

So please, if you’re an aspiring artist in school, consider submitting something to apply for this scholarship.