Minor updates

I’ve finally concluded that the story I’d been working on as a follow-up to City at the Top of the World is simply unworkable as a Choose Your Own Adventure story, and once you read it, you’ll see why.  I’m going to try to salvage what I’ve done and, with a few edits, simply publish it as a short story.

That said, I’m contemplating how to use the events in the short story as sort of a launching point for a CYOA – the CYOA that THIS story was originally supposed to be – one which will encompass an adventure around the Port of Syflanis and a journey to the Dreaming City.  As it was, there was just too much baggage attached to the story as I had been trying to tell for it to be conducive to such an adventure tale.  Once I write that story, I’ll include this one as supplemental material.

In other news, power was out at my parents, so I didn’t get to finish Bar-Lev.  My B/X game is postponed this weekend, so no Alfheim update for awhile.  Hugo drama also kept me getting around to writing up something on the 15 minute work day and playing a low level magic user, but I’ll try to get to it next week.  And thoughts on making Dead of Winter less terrible can keep for a few more days.