“Our ________ are different”: Shadow People

MV: 240’ (80’) AC 0 HD2** AT: 1 , By Object Thrown, Touch (energy drain)

Shadow people are like ghosts in many ways, however their form is only manifest in humanoid shadow shapes.  The distinction is a subject of some debate, and while some shadow people have been associated with specific dead souls, many others cannot be and may never have been human to begin with. 

Unlike ghosts, Shadow People are always malevolent.  Their aetherial quality makes them very difficult to spot and to hit.

Shadow People will not immediately attack intruders, but will resort to locking doors and extinguishing lights, attempting to frighten others away.  Shadow People attack by throwing objects of various sizes or by touching an individual.  A Shadow Person’s touch does no damage, but does 5,000 XP Energy Drain.

Shadow People are immune to non-magical weapons and are unaffected by Wizard/Elf spells except for Dispel Magic, which causes 2d8 damage to a Shadow Person.


Note that in the system I’m working on, Energy Drain is by fixed XP damage rather than level.  Part of this is implemented as a balancing factor for magic characters late game, who are amassing XP for enchanting Items.  I still don’t know if I’ve priced the XP for item creation too high, but creating a +2 item is the XP equivalent of moving from level 4 to level 5.