Webcomic Wayside Woes

Once upon a time, I used to really like webcomics. I even followed a lot of them. Sometimes life just gets in the way, you don’t follow for awhile, the next thing you know there are a million pages that you haven’t read and don’t think you’ll ever get time to read, so you just give up.
Most of my webcomic reading happened in late highschool and early college. It’s shocking to find that many comics that I read back then eventually had some kind of an ending. It’s even more shocking to find out that some of them are still going on!

A lot of those comics I liked usually had either massive cases of Cerebus Syndrome or drastic art-shifts that were so off-putting that I just never could keep going.

Megatokyo – Followed this starting around 00 maybe. At the time, it was probably my favorite webcomic. The departure of Rodney Caston, though, was immediately and harshly felt. I don’t remember how long I followed it after the massive directional shift, but it probably wasn’t more than a chapter or two. I’d stopped following it by the time I got to college.

Exploitation Now – Back when Megatokyo was the biggest webcomic next to Penny Arcade, Michael Poe, the guy who did EN had some ads on and did a guest strip or two for Megatokyo. It was risque kinda dirty raunchy and I was a teenager. Ironically, it’s the one of the only webcomics I’ve ever followed to the end, partly since it was fairly short (only a 3 year run), and despite how bizarre everything turned out, I think I actually cried at the end. I followed Errant Story (which also concluded recently) for a chapter or two after EN ended, but just never kept up.

8-Bit Theatre – I think I made it up to the Vampire. Or the Mind Flayers. I don’t remember, but it had become walls of text that were hard to keep interested in, and the further behind I got, the less I felt I had to keep reading it. It felt more ‘relevant’, I guess, when I was going on my classic FF kick, when between my last year in High School and Freshman year of college I plowed through the first 6 Final Fantasy games. Ah, the halcyon days of the 30-40 hour RPG!

Achewood – This was, for a time, one of my all time favorite webcomics, but a few years back it went into a bizarre death spiral. Supposedly it came back, but I don’t think it could ever be the same.

Penny Arcade – There was a stint where I read Penny Arcade. I’d quit reading by the time the Dick Wolves controversy errupted. While I don’t see myself ever going back and re-reading a ton of Penny Arcade, nor would I go out of my way to defend them, I will observe that there seems to be a cottage industry of people who preface posts with “Now I’ve been a fan of Penny Arcade for years, but ::outrage outrage outrage::”.

The Lounge – The Lounge felt like if Michael Poe had written No Pink Ponies. For some reason or another, I stopped following this around the time it decided to develop a plot. If I had all the time in the world, I might read it.

Wendy – I read this for awhile, but it never went anywhere, so I guess I stopped following it.

Girly – The bumps for this on Dinocomics looked cute so I checked it out (yeah, I know, it’s a Wendy spin-off). Anyway, I enjoyed it until the radical art shift. I get that Lesnick wanted to move away from anime style, but the first chapter after he changed styles was an ugly mess. Apparently it concluded? Not all that interested, though.

Marry Me – I don’t remember how I even found this, but it was cute and short. I ended up getting the graphic novel when it was finished to support the author and artist. There were a few sporadic epilogue updates, but I stopped checking ages ago.

Dreamless – By the same writer as Marry Me, but a different artist. Interesting concept, and if I had time, I’d pick up and follow it again, but I don’t so I won’t.

No Pink Ponies – By the same artist as Marry Me. It was a cute comic about a young woman who opens a comic and gaming store. Like the Lounge, only a lot more family friendly. The main reason I stopped following it was its incredibly erratic update schedule.

Erfworld – The first chapter of this was great. Then there was an incredibly long interlude between chapter 1 & 2 that was filled with a novella’s worth of text. I didn’t follow it when it moved to its own site.

Order of the Stick – One of the best Fantasy/Gaming comics ever. I tell myself I’m still following it, even though it’s been a year and a half since the last time I read it. That’s, what, 40 pages? One day I’ll catch up.

Dr. McNinja – I loved this, but just lost the time.

Dinocomics – Ryan North is a philosopher king. Unfortunately, this was another victim of not having time to devote to comic reading.

Rusty & Co – Every once in awhile, i catch up on this one!

Gunnerkrigg Court – This is another comic I’m intent on catching up on, especially since I got into it around chapter 6. I followed religiously until a few years ago (see time).

Axe Cop – A few years back, I read all of Axe Cop in one go. “That was off the wall and pretty awesome,” I said, as I never checked it again. This one might be worth revisiting someday. I don’t know.

More than anything, I guess this is a list to remind myself of things to look up again if I ever have the time. Maybe. I don’t know. Life is too short for some things, but a few of these might bring a smile to my face if I made some time for it.

Music – The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard

Once Upon a Time, I put out a Halloween album.  It’s still available on CD, LP and MP3 on Amazon and many other places.  It features original artwork by Christopher Hastings of Dr McNinja.

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Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard