Dungeon Crusade

So, over at Tenkar’s Tavern, Erik was taking a dump on a Kickstarter project for a board game called Dungeon Crusade.

Now, admittedly, the text is a grammatical disaster, but holy shit, this board game looks crazy!  One of the problems with the presentation of the Kickstarter is that dude goes all out explaining all of the rules and nuances of the game, and it’s overwhelming as all get out.  But, oh, god, I’d love to play this game!

The biggest problems, besides presentation itself, is the goal,  the cost and lack of mid-range rewards.  I would love this game, but as a sad bastard with no friends, I find it hard to want to drop $100 to get a copy.  The $80,000 goal is pretty high, too.  A lot of super-well known kickstarters that are a big deal in the gaming community are half that on the high end.  With disasters such as the Doom that Came to Atlantic City, I can understand how reluctant anyone would be to invest in a board game.  But hell, this thing looks ready to go, based on the prototype, which is more than 90% of the gaming kickstarters out there can claim.

Bottom line: I’d like to play this game, I probably won’t spend $100 on it, I hope it funds, I hope the crazy rule set is written in some sort of sensible (and grammatically correct) fashion.  I am a professional technical writer and would totally donate my services to proof and edit the rules for a free copy.