To Renew or Not to Renew

In addition to writing this little Fantasy blog, I also have a small and struggling independent record label that has put out about 10 released in the last 3 years, plus two more upcoming releases before the end of 2012.

Now I have to file to renew my business license (a $100 piece of paper) with the state. Unfortunately, I have to decide whether or not to keep things rolling for another 12 months BEFORE we know the results of the US election on November 6th.

Why is this a big deal? Well, dealing in niche luxury during a massive economic depression is pretty tough, especially when you can’t afford to advertise (gas, food and energy price increases ate up the pittance I put towards marketing my hobby). So, I guess I have to gamble whether to keep trying, even if things are bound to get worse. I’d like to wait a little longer to make my decision, but the State won’t let me.

If I DO decide to keep things going with Retro Virus Records, I hope that new friends and followers here at Cirsova will find themselves curious enough to check out a release or two, which would go a long ways toward helping keep the lights on.

Thanks to all, and I’ll let you know what I decide soon!