Lauren Panepinto addresses sexism in art (or why there is no happy medium)

io9 did an article a couple weeks ago featuring some redesigns of iconic female characters whose designs, I presume, are considered ‘problematic’. Some of the redesigns are really good, others not-so-much. But they all have two things in common: they are done by women artists and feminists will still find things to bitch about.

Peach gets a lot of crap because she’s very girly girl and constantly being kidnapped by a dragon and has to be saved by Perseus. I mean Mario.


So the solution is to give her a bazooka and have her show some tits and leg.  Gee, isn’t this just a ‘man with boobs’?
Honestly, I’ve always thought that Polaris had a weird/ugly design. The fix isn’t much better. polaris

Because the fix for Polaris was to give her the same design that was problematic for the next example, Samus.

The Zero suit isn’t my favorite look for Samus, but even if it was problematic, I don’t think Rob Liefelding her was the answer.


That outfit looks ridiculous.

Apparently the fix for Scarlet Witch is keeping the sexy while making her look 16. Great idea.



Good job, there.

Storm’s redesign here is actually pretty badass.


The thing about Storm that should be noted, though, is that her full ownership of her body and sexuality has always been an integral part of her character (no, not the “But Starfire has always been a slut!” excuse, she was a tribal African who’d been worshiped as a goddess). She comes from a place and culture where clothes aren’t exactly the norm; it’s part of her exposition that other X-Men (especially the women… yes the white women) aren’t comfortable with this aspect of Storm.

And speaking of X-Men without a lot of clothes, this redesign of Emma Frost basically swaps out playing up the boobs for Zettai Ryouiki.


“You know what this female character needs to be less objectified? No discernible pants!”

There are a lot more, but you can see for yourself over at io9.