Font Features

Everyone has a tendency to take eye-pleasing and appealing fonts for granted until you need them. And while Calibri, Arial, Courier and Times New Roman may hack it for every day stuff, sometimes you need a little bit more.

So, while looking for fonts to use, I figured out what interior text font used by Planet Stories. Well, maybe not the exact font, but pretty darn close.

As you can see, Planet Stories appears to use the Bodoni font family.

For comparison, I’ve included (in descending order) Bodoni MT, Bodoni MT Black, Bodoni MT Condensed, Bodoni MT Poster Compressed, and Bodoni FLF. Bodoni MT Black is the closest approximation so far I’ve found to the title-text font. Note that these are in bold.Fonts 1

Bodoni MT is the closest I’ve found for regular text; the “w” is noticeably wider, and I haven’t yet found a version with that handsome “Q”. ┬áThe differences in character height makes the FLF version somewhat unappealing.
Fonts 2

The difference in both the MT versions and FLF is more pronounced in the drop caps.

Fonts 3

I’m pretty happy with using MT, but if I can find a version with that Q, it would be pretty neat!