A musical shift

I doubt this will be reflected in the music posts here, as most of them have been scheduled out in advance (and I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to schedule any more), I’m taking something of a break from extreme metal for a bit.

For some soul-ratcheting adjustments, I’ve been listening to a lot of:

Elizabeth Mitchell
Frances England
Renee & Jeremy
Jetty Rae
Kesange Marstrand
Charlie Hope
Jewel (whose children’s albums are much better than her 90s hits)

in the past few days.

I still plan on getting the new Burzum album (which is also not metal), and maybe even the new Sopor Aeternus* (again, not metal), but maybe my current playlist will help effect a positive mood adjustment.

I thought about transitioning this into some sort of post regarding the Bard class, and the effects of music on mood and motivation, but if I do, it’ll be later.

*:I DID once have an NPC ancient true neutral vampire bard violinist based heavily on Anna Varney Cantodea, but sadly didn’t get a chance to run run that dungeon.