Replica of Elefloe

On the Imperial Palace Grounds, a full-scale recreation of Elefloe has been constructed as a folly for the Emperor’s pleasure.  Though careful attention has been paid to detail, the recreation is different in a number of aspects.

First, and most notably, the folly is an extrapolation of what Elefloe would look like, were it not ruined.  The Outer Ring, with its 4 large orthostats, is “completed” by a roughly 5′ wide brick path that encircles the ruin.  The intermediate ring consists of another brick path.  The inner ring features a recreation of the 7 arches and gate arch, through which a brick path, connecting the intermediate and outer rings, passes.  The tower, though the crumbling walls are made whole, has not been extended beyond the height of its ruined counterpart.

Secondly, the reconstruction of Elefloe is made from stones mined near Gatia, so the folly does not have the original’s pale green hue.  For some time, it was debated whether an imperial groundskeeper should foster the growth of particular lichens on the stone, so that, at a distance, the recreation would appear to have similar color.  In the end, the folly was allowed to retain its natural grey. That has not, however, stopped the growth of various lichens, of the desired green color, as well as numerous shades of yellow, orange, and red, on the lower portions of the stone structure.

Another significant difference, the folly features a spiral stone stair at the center of the tower rather than the round capstone of the original.  This stair leads into a small labyrinth which is connected to the imperial palace by a series of well-maintained tunnels.  The tunnels are patrolled at all times by a number of palace guards, as is the tower of the Folly itself.  Members of the imperial family and distinguished royal guests wishing to visit the folly may often take these tunnels to avoid the necessity of travelling through the city, and, in times of sudden ill weather, provides a quick egress for royal picnic goers.