Gron & Krim’s Blood & Guts Tavern

Okay, I’ve got my One Page Dungeon done & ready for this year’s contest!

Gron & Krim are a pair of half-ogre brothers who run a tavern. It’s a respectable establishment where demi-humans who aren’t normally welcome in civil society can come, drink a beer, play cards, shoot some darts or even bet on or enter a prize fight.

Entertainment on the first floor, games on the second, and a boxing gym in the basement. Come for the drinking, stay for the fighting!

The Blood & Guts Tavern can be dropped into almost any setting, either as a road-house, an urban dive or even as an adjunct to a local thieves guild.

OPD 2015 – Cirsova – Gron & Krim’s Blood & Guts Tavern.

It’s not statted for any system, but if there’s any interest, I’ll write up a longer version that will be B/X compatible, maybe expanding the fight circuit aspect of it if there’s sufficient interest after the judging.