Geordie Tait Interview Transcribed – Pt 4

Disclaimer: I am offering, without commentary, the transcript of the Geordie Tait interview as a service to the Gamergate community and is not intended for commercial use.  As it is rather long, I will be posting it in installments.  I have faithfully transcribed the conversation to the best of my abilities and will attempt to complete the transcription so that the information is available in a timely manner.  The opinions and statements made by individuals within reflect their own opinions and ideas and are not reflective of Cirsova or any other individuals.  The transcription begins with Geordie Tait’s arrival on the stream and will end shortly after his departure.  The full audio interview can be found here.

KOP: There he is.  Did you finally get your tea, man?

Sargon of Akkad: Hello.  Yeah, no, I was actually having a bacon sandwich for breakfast.

KOP: Motherfucker… Alright, bro.  So, we’ve got Sargon in here now.  Geordie, I want to throw in this topic here.  Now, I asked you this before, and you were talking about Anita Sarkeesian, and you said that you write radical feminist articles, would you still say that now?

GT: Yeah.

KOP: Okay, and I asked you why it seemed that the portrayal of white men in society was a bad thing, or men in general, and we kind of went into the history of men in that aspect.  With gamergate, do you believe the saying that the majority of gamergate or all of gamergate is white cis men?

GT: No, they’re not, I know they’re not, but they, like…  Gamergate does act as a group and they have centralized places where they organize the things that they’re going to do and so on, right?  Is that true?

KOP: It’s not really organized, it’s more of a revolt.  I mean, everyone kind of can join in and do whatever they want with it, which is what we’ve seen thus far.

GT: Did… would you say that there are certain things that all gamergate people have in common in terms of their ideology?

KOP: Uh, I can’t speak for all gamergate, but I’d say that the majority if that was the case would say they’re for against video game journalists… journalistic ethics being proper, and they would want a proper… I’m sorry.  Video game journalism ethics should not be about collusion or corruption or nepotism and that there should be proper journalistic ethics and integrity when it comes to things, and that we… the… I would say that the majority of gamers that use the gamergate hashtag are tired of these very pseudo-political ideologues that are pushed onto them, and the fact that the majority of them are probably angry that 10 articles came out August 28th saying that “gamers are dead, gamers are over, the identity of gamer itself needs to go and die” and ridiculed those people and mocked the people that read their articles.

GT: Okay, I mean, I’ve got certain problems with that…

KOP: Okay.

GT: …we would, we’re going to get into an argument about…

KOP: Well, I don’t think we’re going to argue, we’re just going to debate it like we are now.  I don’t know.

GT: Okay, well, this… Okay, so all of that… I have seen that.  And there is a lot of tangential stuff that I have seen that is just really repugnant that a lot of gamergaters have in common.  I mean, you can deny it if you want, uh, and I believe that the women are portrayed…  and the acceptance of it… and the refusal to engage in conversations about the inappropriateness of aspects of it because they believe that it is a political… something that they don’t want to discuss.  That general feeling is really negative, and you know I believe that the plight of women is the new moral exemplar.  You know, you can name them.  It’s like, you know, betrayal and death of Christ, World Trade Center, Holocaust, Plight of Women.  But people look at that and they say “Plight of Women? That doesn’t even belong on the list.”  I will tell you, I think that it is actually worse than all of the other three combined and really not even particularly close.  So, you know, that’s why I say I want gamergate gone.  Dead.  Disbanded.

KOP: Okay, now let me ask you this.  Um, I’m going to read something that you wrote, and then I’m going to ask you if you think this sounds hypocritical, okay?

GT: Okay.

KOP: You said “I assume you have had some problem with something I said on twitter about gamergate.  Well, guess what? Fuck gamergate, every worthless piece of shit in it, yes the women too, yes the minorities too.  I’d say the same about women and minorities who join the KGB or the Nazis.”  Now, you say you’re for women, but you’re wanting to burn anybody who’s a minority or a woman as well because they use the hashtag.

GT: I mean the same way…  To use this labored comparison again, you know, I would do it the same way that you would immediately shoot a traitor who was like giving the Nazis information about your sacred escape route from Birkenau.  I mean, you know like, these are, these are basically, y’know, traitors that are making the world worse for every woman in it.

KOP: Okay.

GT: Every future woman, so yes, I don’t care.

KOP: Okay.  Okay, fair enough.  Alright.  I’ll let… Sargon’s here now, and I know Sargon has some questions and I know that Sargon has some questions and I’ll let you guys go in.  Once again I’ll say this, I will moderate what happens between you, what you have to say, what Sargon has to say, if anybody gets too heated or interrupted, or interrupts too much, I will have to interject to stop that.  So, is everyone okay with that?

GT: Okay.  Sure thing.

Sargon: Works for me.

KOP: Alright, go ahead, Sargon.

Sargon: Okay, um.  I’m not really sure how to phrase this, but… If I were to ask you “Are you part of a cult?” what would your answer be.

GT: No.

Sargon: Right.  Do you know what the only right answer to that question is?

GT: I’m not sure what you mean.

Sargon: The word “no” when you ask if you’re part of a cult is the wrong answer.

GT: How so?

Sargon: Because if someone was saying to you you were a part of a cult, the only right answer is “Why would you think that?”  Because obviously someone who is part of a cult would say no.

GT: No, but I don’t…  I have no reason to think “Why would you think that?” cuz I know why.  Cuz you guys are a bunch of stupid assholes.

Sargon: Right.  Okay.  But this is my point: a lot of people really think that this sort of deification of women is kind of cult-like, and instead of addressing why people think it might be a bit cultish, you just flat deny “no, we’re not a cult” even though that’s the sort of thing that someone in a cult would say.

GT:: Uh, according to probably the most intellectually dishonest and stupid collection of people on earth.

Sargon: No, according to anyone.

GT: No, not according to anyone. That’s not true.

Sargon: No it is, I can send you a link.  It’s absolutely according to anyone.

KOP: Hold on, hold on, guys.

Sargon: According to the signs we use to indicate who is part of a cult or not, that’s the difference.  You can’t just say no.

GT: I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I mean, I don’t agree with you at all.

Sargon: That’s fine.

GT: I don’t acknowledge that that’s true.  I think you’re full of shit.  You got any other questions?

Sargon: Yeah, no, well, yeah, but…  Okay, no, that’s fine.  That’s…  The thing is, right, the way you’re responding is hyperdefensive about that.  If someone had said that to me, I would just say “what am I doing that makes you think that?”  But you’re doing all the things that would then reinforce that perception in other people.

GT: Hmmm…

Sargon: So, do you see why people would probably be looking at you thinking, y’know…

GT: Yes.  Because you are misogynist dirtbacks.  I already know the answer.

Sargon: No, no, do you know what I think?

GT: Okay, I don…

Sargon: Can you read my mind?

KOP: Hold on, hold on, stop, stop, time out, time out.  Time out.  Geordie, you’re saying that they’re misogynists because he asked you if you’re in a cult or not.

GT: *paaah*  Obviously not because of that.

KOP: Hold on, hold on, I’m just the moderator.  Can you explain why they would be misogynist for asking if you were in a cult or not and can you explain why you don’t agree with that.

GT: Sure.  Because it’s a stupid leading question that had its genesis in a bunch of really moronic tweets, and the idea that there’s only one way to answer that question is and that… and that social justice is a cult is utterly ridiculous.

KOP: Okay, Geordie, now if I can just interject here as the moderator…

GT: Go ahead.

KOP: …would you say if, um.  Would you say that if anybody were to question, let’s say, Anita Sarkeesian’s views, do they also deserve to “meet the gas chamber” as you put it?

GT: No.  Not necessarily.

KOP: What if they doubted it?

GT: It would depend on their motives for doubting it.

Sargon: But you don’t know their motives.

KOP: Hold on, Sargon.

GT: I can judge their motives.

KOP: Whoa, hold on.  But when you say “depend on their motives”, if they doubt it, is it just a simple yes or no, should they meet the gas chamber if they doubt Anita Sarkeesian’s views?

GT: It’s not a simple yes or no, no, their motives have to be…

KOP: Would you say some people might, and some people won’t?

GT: Uh, no, because I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

KOP: I’m asking you, with Anita Sarkeesian’s views, if somebody doubted them, you said it’s not a yes or no question, so would you say that it depends what they view, whether or not they should “meet the gas chamber” as you put it in your other facebook post or not?

GT: I would judge whether or not they should ‘quote-unquote’, cuz you insist on using that, “meet the gas chamber”…

KOP: I’m just using it because it’s what you suggested for gamergaters, so…

GT: Yeah, sure, yeah, okay.

KOP: Okay.

GT: But I know that it’s kind of inflammatory, right, just to keep repeating that?  Anyway, um…

KOP: Okay, alright, anyway, so, continuing on, I think we’ve got the understanding of what you think on ‘cult’. Geordie, do you have any questions for Sargon before Sargon asks you the next question?

GT: Well, I haven’t answered your question yet.  Let me just quickly finish.  Uh, I think that if someone were to ask me “What do you think of this person who disagrees with Anita Sarkeesian?” and at first I would say “Well, I don’t know anything about them, so let me look at some of their other tweets and the people they associate with and their previous behavior, previous articles they’ve written, statements they’ve made, so on and so forth.” And if I thought, from reading that or talking to the person that they were just a misogynist and like… even if they claimed, it’s, um… they don’t like Anita Sarkeesian because they think that she’s, y’know, was given too much money, and just, y’know, not worth the $100k, they’re jealous or whatever, or they’re just a misogynist.  Any of those reasons?  They’re just, y’know, a force of evil.  And for that reason, if they died, I would not care.  Y’know, good.

KOP: So, Geordie, just to follow this up, to wrap this up, would you say that basically the anti-gamergate side’s ends or goals that you guys have would justify whatever means necessary to basically make that – the politically correct term – against gamergate?

GT: Uh, no, I wouldn’t say that.  I don’t think I’m like other anti-gamergaters at all.

KOP: Okay.

GT: I can’t really speak.. I wouldn’t want to speak for them because I know I say things that are a lot more extreme than the things that they would say.  But I would have no… I would literally have no problem if all these fucking, y’know, Republican fucking d-bags…

KOP: Okay.

GT: …would just vanish of the face of the fucking earth.

KOP: Okay, I think we got an understanding from there.  Alright Sargon, you have another question Sargon? Go ahead.

Sargon: Well, yeah, I want to know how you know what their motives are?

GT: By reading what they’ve written.  And seeing who they associate with and what those people have said to them.  So on and so forth.

Sargon: Is your motive to start another Holocaust?

GT: Obviously not.

Sargon:  I’ve read what you’ve written.

GT: but it would be totally…

KOP: whoa, whoa, whoa…

Sargon: Let me finish.

GT: Okay

Sargon: I’ve read what you’ve written, and that’s essentially what you’re saying.  So it would be unfair for me to assume…

GT: It’s not even close.

Sargon: …your motive is.  Shut up, right?

KOP: Whoa.

Sargon: It would be unfair for me to say that your motive would be genocide because you’ve written this really hyper emotional “I hate gamers” post.  So, for you to then go round and say “I know that he’s a misogynist because of the way I interpreted what he wrote”, that’s… do you see why that’s a double standard?

GT: You… Like…  My head hurts from the stupidity.  It’s not even close to the same thing at all.  Even if I did manage to shove everyone in gamergate into a gas chamber, they’re not, like… the Jews were innocent.  That’s why it was such a tragedy.  People in gamergate are scumbags.  It’s a huge difference.

KOP: Okay, so you would say that Gamergate is not innocent and that the Jews were and…(unintelligible)

GT: It’s like a house landing on the wicked witch of the west.

Sargon: Do you know what a principle is?

GT: uh… it has multiple meanings.

Sargon: Okay, could you give me any of them?

GT: Headmaster?

Sargon: Uh… okay.  A principle as in, um, a method of action or a method of reason.  The principle of something, rather than…

GT: I mean, I know what you mean.  That definition seems…  I can’t really think of the exact definition but I do know what the word means and what you’re talking about.

Sargon: Yeah, so, this is… but a principle is… I’m just going to quickly look it up: “A guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct”, right?


Sargon: That’s a dictionary definition of the word ‘principle’.

GT: Okay.

Sargon: Do you know how that applies… do you know why I’m asking you about principles right now?

GT: Uh… It’s a leading question as usual so you can try to…

Sargon: Well, it’s actually directly related to what you have literally just said.  You think that the Holocaust was bad because it happened to Jews and, as far as you’re concerned, Jews have done nothing wrong.  I don’t know either way, I’m just saying what you’ve said.  And then, but, you are happy to apply the principle of genocide to gamers, because, in your mind, gamers have done something wrong.

GT: No, I think assholes have done something wrong.

Sargon: Whatever.  Whoever.  The people who are supporting gamergate, whatever you want to call them, you say they have done something wrong…

GT: Yeah.

Sargon: …and therefore you think they deserve gas chambers. Right.

GT: Or whatever method (unintelligible)…

Sargon: …but that is the same principle the Nazis were operating under.  You’re just changing the noun.  You know, you’re changing Jews to Gamers or whatever you want to call them, but the principle of pushing people into gas chambers is what’s wrong.  Do you understand?

GT: Nah.  I don’t think so.  I mean, what’s wrong is that they were innocent and they were pushed into gas chambers.

Sargon: No, it’s what’s wrong is that they were pushed into gas chambers, regardless, for being Jews.  That’s the thing that’s wrong.

GT: Yeah, that is wrong.

Sargon: Right.  And so you’re saying you want push, I don’t know, gamergaters, or whatever you want to call them, into gas chambers for being gamers.

GT: No, for being fucking assholes, misogynist pricks.  Right wing dickheads, fucking guntoting dingleberries.

Sargon: So you think they deserve it for being right wing?

GT: I think they deserve it for being an actual damaging force in multiple countries and societies in the world over that are sabotaging women, have been for years.  I’m finished with them.  I’m totally finished.

Sargon: Do you know…

KOP: Hold on, Sargon.

Sargon: …that the Germans said exactly the same thing about the Jews in Germany?

GT: They were wrong.

Sargon: Yeah, but… that makes you wrong.

GT: I’m not fucking wrong, I’m absolutely right.

KOP: Hey, hey, hey, timeout, timeout, everybody cool it for a second.  Alright, let people speak between it, and then go on from there.  Go ahead.  Go ahead, Geordie.

GT: Well, I don’t know, what do you want me to say?  I was listening to him.

KOP: Okay, go ahead, Sargon, finish what you had to say.

Sargon: Yeah, um.  Look, you… I… I…  I’m amazed you think it’s okay to say the things that you’ve said when you’re also complaining about the Holocaust and the Jews.  It’s… you’re arguing for the same principle.  This is what I mean.  You don’t seem to understand what a principle is and how it’s applied to both sides of a story.

GT: No, I don’t…

Sargon: I know you don’t.

GT: I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

Sargon: I know, and that’s the problem.

GT: no, it’s not a problem.

Sargon: No, no, it is, it’s everyone’s problem with social justice as a general rule.  No, no, I’m telling you it is, right, (unintelligible)

GT: Well, I don’t care what you’re selling me.

KOP: Whoa, whoa, hey, easy. Just listen, Geordie, then you can respond.

Sargon: But that’s your personal opinion, and that only matters to you, where everyone else, their opinion is ‘wow, this guy is kind of in favor of what would, in principle, be a Holocaust,’ so why would anyone not have a problem with the things you say?

GT: What is that supposed to mean?  There’s nothing wrong with that.

Sargon: (unintelligible)

KOP: Hold on, I’ll come in as the moderator.  What he’s trying to say is as a principle, he means you’re advocating… you’re advocating the same things with the same type of belief system, just using gamergate and not Jews ,and not using… and just using not Nazis but anti-gamergate, for gassing all gamergaters, whether, it’s…, they’re innocent or not.  It doesn’t make it right.  Two wrongs don’t make a right, and you’re advocating that and that means you’re following the same guidelines and same principles as, say, Adolf Hitler did and the Nazis did.

GT: No.  Well, I mean, I couldn’t disagree more about pretty much everything he said.  The key difference for me is that the Jews were utterly innocent and at the mercy of monsters, terrible people, and I think that really, uh, gamergate is no different than the KKK or the Nazis themselves and I would have no problem just shoveling them off a cliff, no problem at all.

KOP: Okay, alright.  I think we established that.

Transcript will resume with more questions from Sargon and the arrival of Oliver from the NotYourShield project.