Crown of Ice

Awhile back, I wrote a little something about Adventure Time as a setting, and got to thinking about what a powerful evil artifact the Ice King’s crown must be. It grants tremendous powers, but strips the wearer of his sanity and his past. Horrific indeed!

Here’s an idea for an evil ice crown. Feel free to borrow!

Crown of Ice:

After being in possession of the crown for 24 hours, the owner will find his or herself unnaturally reluctant to part with it (saving throw vs magic). After possessing the Crown for a week or more, the owner will be unable to resist wearing the crown at least once per day.

Every time the owner puts on the crown, he or she must make a saving throw vs magic, with a -1 penalty for each month the crown has been in the character’s possession. Each failed saving throw will shift the character’s alignment one towards chaos/evil. A chaotic/evil character need not make this saving throw. Chaotic/evil character in possession of the crown will be unwilling to part with it except via force or magical means and will wear the crown whenever possible. Chaotic/evil characters in possession of the crown will, over the course of 4d12 months, lose all but trace memories of their former life. Additionally, characters in possession of the Crown of Ice must make a save vs magic or permanently lose 1 point of charisma each year they have the crown.

The Crown of Ice grants its wearers the following powers:
-Unlimited Flight(as a free action). Standard movement rates apply.
-Ice Armor(once per day). The wearer is encapsulated with a thick cast of ice. Wearer moves at half normal rate. Ice Armor grants the wearer 20 additional HP; when this HP is lost, the Armor is considered shattered. Fire attacks deal 2x damage while Ice Armor is in effect. While Ice Armor is in effect, the wearer cannot cast spells or use normal weapons, however the Armor’s fists do 2d12 damage.
-Rays of Snow (unlimited). Shoots a light blue bolt with a range of 30 ft. deals 1d3 cold damage to any targets in its path. Additionally, snow will fall on or from any targets struck for 1d4 rounds.
-Ice Beam (8 per day) – Shoots a dark blue bolt with a range of 20 ft. deals 2d6 cold damage. 2-7 damage, targets must save vs Paralysis or be partially trapped in ice. 8-12 damage, targets must save vs Paralysis or be completely encased in ice.

Anyway, Happy Gaming and Happy Thanksgiving!