So, I’m trying again with Inform

I don’t know if I’ll get anywhere with it, but I’m at least trying!  My first project may be a bit too ambitious for a beginner, but I’m going to try to adapt City at the Top of the World while I’m not working on writing the sequel.

Cabin on the Sky Sail
Your quarters are dull but not uncomfortable. You have been furnished with a small cot, a bedpan, a table-desk, and a chest full of clothes. There is a small port-hole window in the paneled wooden wall. Though you are left unshackled, the door to your room is regularly kept locked except when your meals are brought by a boy who seems to be a fellow captive.

>Examine cot
It’s not a bad cot. It’s actually more plush that what you’re used to. Sleeping here has been one of the few ways you’ve managed to pass the time.

>examine bedpan
You don’t need to use it right now, so it can stay where it is.

>examine desk
Not much good except for eating off of. You have no paper, no writing utensils, or even a chair to sit at.

>examine chest
You see nothing special about the chest.

>examine port-hole
The port-hole is at the perfect height for you to look out. It has given you your only view of the world beyond your room since you have been taken captive.

I appreciate the style of the language that is meant to be easy for beginners, though, since it appears conversational rather than codelike, it can be deceptive and finding just what you want it to do is tricky if you’re starting from scratch.  I’ll admit, I’m wishing I could do something like with HTML and tag objects as objects or something. I’m happy that I’m not the only person to find the in-system documentation frustrating for someone who is just getting started, but, because of Inform’s popularity, there is no shortage of 3rd party help, tutorials and handbooks.