Happy Birthday to Leigh Brackett!

It’s Leigh Brackett the Queen of Science Fiction’s 105th Birthday today!

Don’t let this day go uncelebrated.

Watch one of her many movies [Hatari! is a personal favorite], or read one of her many excellent short stories or books.

Our own editions of the Illustrated Stark are currently on significant discount at Amazon, particularly Queen of the Martian Catacombs and Black Amazon of Mars, which are currently under $6.

Additionally, the hardcover omnibus with all of the bonus content is currently more than 50% off!

So treat yourself for the Queen’s Birthday, or pick up some stocking stuffers for the young [or old] Star Wars fan who has everything.

Cyber Monday – STARK!

Apparently Amazon is liquidating their stock of Stark.

The hardcover omnibus with over 100 illustrations is currently just $10.00.

Limit one per customer…

This is 80% off and cheaper than even I can get my hands on them [I used my one purchase to send another copy to our artists] Grab this now!

Hardcover Template for Omnibus-Case Final front cover only

Reminder: Leigh Brackett’s Enchantress of Venus Out This Friday (5/31/2019)

Dark Secrets of an Inhuman Race Lie Hidden Beneath the Seas of Venus!

Eric John Stark travels the shores of Venus’ gaseous red seas seeking the whereabouts of a missing comrade. Pursuing this mystery puts him in the hands of the Lhari, a cruel and power-hungry family that rules over the pirate enclave of Shuruun!

Beneath the waves, the Lhari’s doomed slaves live and toil among ancient ruins, seeking out the lost super-weapon of the precursors. And Stark must join them or die!

If Varra, a vain and petty Lhari princess, can control both Stark and this lost weapon, all of Venus may be within her grasp!

Enchantress Cover for ebook