Cirsova Publishing Terminating Relationship with Ingram Spark

Cirsova Publishing is terminating its relationship with Ingram Spark effective December 9, 2021.

This comes after years of high damages, poor service, high fees, and other myriad issues.

We are adjusting our business model to accommodate this shift away from Ingram Spark.

This principally means that existing titles will be moved to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. We will rely more on Lulu for a wide range of products and services that KDP is incapable of delivering.

Most of our titles will remain available on Amazon. [note that none of our eBooks are currently affected by this change].

The following print titles will be going out of print and may no longer be available after December 9th, 2021:

“Going out of Print” does not necessarily mean “not available.” The remaining stock in the hands of retailers will remain available until it has been fully liquidated, however, retailers will no longer be able to place re-orders for these titles when they are out of stock.

*: Due to disambiguation issues with these titles as public domain works, these are constantly buried under other mercenary editions. Additionally, certain printing/trim issues that KDP has with these books that Ingram overlooked are treated as “blocking” issues. These may not be gone forever, but they will take some work to get reformatted, and it’s honestly not a top priority at the moment.

**: The paperback is probably going away forever, but there’s a chance we may release a new deluxe edition of the hardcover. I was honestly never very happy with the quality of the Ingram Spark version, so we may see what an improved Lulu version looks like.

***: Yeah, I know it’s not even out yet, but you’ll have all of November and then some of December to grab this! We may end up getting a Lulu pocketbook edition of it up at some point, but Lulu’s pocketbook trim size is marginally different from Ingram Spark’s so it will take some work. And honestly, pocketbooks are NOT economical for us and we will most likely not be offering them going forward.

****: We will make a Lulu version of this available before it goes out of print, but the hardcover with dust jacket as was received by backers of the Kickstarter will no longer be available after December 9th. The hardcover version available on Amazon will be replaced by a case-wrapped hardcover.

+: In all likelihood, gone and not coming back to Amazon. Ironically enough, according to Ingram, this should not have been allowed to be distributed in the first place. Their insistence that they would not distribute multiple formats of The Strange Recollections of Martha Klemm is a major reason for our break with them. This will be available in the future through Lulu, however.

++: The pocket book edition is going away on Amazon. It may end up on Lulu, but again, pocketbooks are not economical for us, so we’re not putting any energy into them going forward.

+++: This version of The Cosmic Courtship is being discontinued and, like The Paths of Cormanor, is being replaced by a casewrap edition. A dust-jacketed edition may come to Lulu in the future, but not to Amazon.

++++: The version on Amazon may be replaced by a case-wrapped edition. A dust-jacketed edition may come to Lulu in the future, but not to Amazon.

#: Duel Visions was falling out of the Cirsova catalog at the end of the year. Rather than create a stop-gap KDP version, we are simply allowing the print edition to lapse on December 9th when Ingram Spark closes our account. The eBook version will remain available through the end of the year.

Woes of Using Ingram Spark

I hate Ingram Spark. They are a mediocre printer who is overpriced compared to Amazon, they overcharge on their Shipping & Handling via a S&H surcharge, and then they have the balls to send stuff that shows up like this:





The printer alignment is so bad on that bottom copy that it’s going 1/10″ past the bleed into what paper. This is a common occurrence with Ingram because they refuse to fix their cover printer alignment.

7 out of 12 books in the order were messed up.

“Well, why do you even use them? Why not find another printer?”

Trust me, we’re looking at our options, but here’s the reality:

-Amazon doesn’t allow you configure print books for pre-order. Plus, ever since they shut down Createspace, you can’t get salable copies ordered/sent prior to the Amazon live date.

-Ingram Content is THE service that gets books listed on Amazon, B&N, and allows other retailers to order copies of the book. Other POD outfits actually outsource listings to Ingram Content for an additional charge.

-I’ve really been happy with the quality of Lulu, but Lulu has garbage distribution. Selling on Amazon via Lulu nets maybe 10% of a sale as revenue, plus they can’t distribute many of the formats we offer anyway. No one goes to Lulu to look for books; people only buy from direct linking.

I don’t know what the quality of the books that people who buy from Amazon have been getting; I haven’t gotten many complaints, but Ingram Spark has a track record of sending us damaged books; the Wild Stars Anniversary Edition was an especially bad case and nearly tanked our release event when we had NO salable copies of Wild Stars 2 in the first batch we received.

I really don’t get it; it seems to me like it would be cheaper for Ingram Sparks to actually pack the books securely than to replace damaged copies, but their operation so far has been to just keep replacing damages and misprints rather than use some soft packing foam paper or fixing their printers.

For the record, we’ll be using Lulu, NOT Ingram Spark, as our printer for the Mongoose & Meerkat Kickstarter. Those of you who have bought our hardcovers KNOW that Lulu prints a quality product, even if Amazon won’t let them sell it…

6 x 9 cover