You know you’ve achieved bi-polar playlist perfection when…



Dunno how or why, but ping-ponging back and forth between extreme black metal and acoustic folksy pop balladry keeps me balanced somewhere in the middle. Now if only they didn’t keep her and Jewel’s children’s album segregated in the kids’ music ghetto of Pandora, this station would be truly perfect.  Striborg, Jetty Rae, Xasthur, Jewel, Drudkh, Gabrielle Aplin, Darkthrone, Sierra Noble, Burzum, Katie Herzig, Summoning, Erin Nicole Smith, Windir…  The madness goes on and on.



A musical shift

I doubt this will be reflected in the music posts here, as most of them have been scheduled out in advance (and I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to schedule any more), I’m taking something of a break from extreme metal for a bit.

For some soul-ratcheting adjustments, I’ve been listening to a lot of:

Elizabeth Mitchell
Frances England
Renee & Jeremy
Jetty Rae
Kesange Marstrand
Charlie Hope
Jewel (whose children’s albums are much better than her 90s hits)

in the past few days.

I still plan on getting the new Burzum album (which is also not metal), and maybe even the new Sopor Aeternus* (again, not metal), but maybe my current playlist will help effect a positive mood adjustment.

I thought about transitioning this into some sort of post regarding the Bard class, and the effects of music on mood and motivation, but if I do, it’ll be later.

*:I DID once have an NPC ancient true neutral vampire bard violinist based heavily on Anna Varney Cantodea, but sadly didn’t get a chance to run run that dungeon.