At the mouth of the Orshiano River, Korsha serves as the principal imperial port in service of Cirsova.  Here, both the nation’s traders and the imperial armadas sail to and fro, the former delivering goods from the riverlands throughout the empire and the latter delivering justice to those who would interfere.

As the Dawnsea is more placid than the Dusksea, the Empire has poured the majority of its maritime resources into this eastern sea port, perhaps to the neglect of its western shore.  The common wisdom is, however, that most of the western coast is too hostile to attempt a landing and that the ships between Syflanis and Corineaus can very well maintain patrol of the heartland’s coastal underbelly.

Though not connected to the imperial seat or any other chartered imperial community by road, Korsha is the true commercial heart of the empire.  Logs harvested in the heartland are sent down the Orshiano River in barges to Korsha, as are the numerous trade goods manufactured in the Cirsovan river cities.  Here, they are placed on the empire’s most fabulous ships (excluding the legendary sailing vessels of Solaris), and sent to the other coastal ports, along the eastern board and as far as Syflanis.  Upon their return, the ships of Korsha are laden with the riches of the provinces, which are then sent upriver to Gatia.