My First MYFAROG character: Krokar the Barbarian Swordsinger

In my first serious attempt to roll up a character for MYFAROG, I probably made some mistakes, some due to laziness (mostly in the form of omissions), others due to difficulties in finding the appropriate tables.

Once Varg hammers out power levels a bit better, it might be easier to create NPCs, but if you want a fleshed out, equipped individual, you’ve gotta get your hands dirty. Very dirty. Especially since things like birthdays actually have significant gameplay effects in terms of abilities and divine favor.

The result of a little over an hour’s work, I give you Krokar the Barbarian Swordsinger.

Name: Krokar (I didn’t give him a full name; he should be ‘Krokar af (tribe) auk (homeland)’. While you wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, it kind of is. Because I didn’t give him a full name, he cannot properly and formally introduce himself to strangers, and will thus provoke a hostile reaction for bringing dishonor upon both himself and the other party.)

Species: Jarlaaett (the default)
Race: Jarnmaðr (Iron Man, again the default)
Gender: Male
Weight: 146 lbs (this involved some rolling dice, comparing against strength, gender, etc)
Size: Average
DV (Defense Value) ME (Melee): 0 (I think I made a mistake here. Probably because I equipped him, but never got around to crunching the number on what his furs and swordsdudeship meant to his real defense)
DV (Defense Value) MI (Missile): 0 (Again, I think I was too lazy to crunch the numbers. Pulling out Krokar’s sheet, I’m pretty sure I never finished him. Stuff at the top of the sheet can’t be fully calculated until you get all of your equipment values and skills calculated first.)
Height: 70″ (again, there was some dice rolling involved)

I think I should’ve checked a table somewhere to figure out what my Skin, Hair and Eyes are, but I figure that regardless of the dice or tables Krokar is gonna look like one of the guys from Vore .

Again, I didn’t get far enough to calculate Daily Needs, in terms of hours of Sleep, lbs of Food, justas of Beverages, number of Hugs, etc.

Social Class: Noble (default; think ‘Honorable Bloodskaal’ rather than lord of the manor house)

Life Stance: Asatru (religion & gods rather than spirits and animism; also, he can’t be a wizard)
Cultural Background: Byggjandi (sedentary rather than hunter gatherer)
Alignment: Ecstatic Harmonic Spiritual Sympathetic (Just go look for yourself)
Birthday: Summer (aspect of fire), month of Pulkawangis (“folk meadow” sacred to Prio), and the 18th day (no cool bonuses, but born under the Full Moon and cycle of Life)

Age: 19, but with a maximum calculated age of 57.

Krokar is “marked” by the Gods and has +1 to fortitude.

Krokar is pretty middle of the road, healthier than normal, but a little slow-witted.
Chr 11
Con 14 +1
Dex 10
INT 8 -1 (This is a huge problem, because skills are skewed heavily in favor of INT mods)
STR 10

He’s got 13 stamina points (I think) based on the base of 12 + whatever I pour into the skill and modifiers…

I haven’t calculated his Melee or missile values on attack or defense, again, cuz lazy.

He wears fur and leather armor, an Iron Cap helmet, Leather arm guards and leather greaves and wields a short sword.

As new character, he has 12 skill points to distribute, so I gave him
Acrobatics: 1 (so only a -1 penalty)
Foraging: 1 (-1 penalty)
Singing: 4 (+2, he’s gonna sing a song while he kicks your ass!)
Social Skills: 2 (0)
World Lore: 1 (-4)
Melee: 2 (0)
Swords: 3 (+1)

There are 2 dozen or so extra skills that he doesn’t have points in, so he really sucks at all of those, like his -5 when attempting to do Arts & Crafts.

He only has his starting role, which is “Buandi” or “Peasant”, though presumably, as a sworddude, he would quickly pick up the “Striðsmaðr” or “Warrior” role not long after his story began.

He may or may not have divine favor based on god knows what, but I haven’t bothered to fill out the half page of character sheet devoted to that.

Again, I find myself loving the setting more than the system, though the system is like a precious ore: there may be something of great value once it has been smelted down.

The thing that will be most beneficial to the future of MYFAROG at gaming tables would be if someone came up with character Generation software. I know this goes against the spirit of playing tabletop RPGs in the woods after civilization has collapsed, which Varg puts forth as a great selling point of his and other tabletop games, but the rules, as currently organized, pose a fairly high wall into entry of the world of MYFAROG. Then again, if Varg’s apocalypse comes about, we’ll all be LARPing as Hunter/Gatherers, like it or not, which may be preferrable, at the end of the day, to learning a new core rule system.

Note that I’m not doing a ‘necropsy’ on this, by any means, and I fully intend to get the finished product when it’s available, because the world is great (I cannot state this enough), but whether or not it ends up on my shelf or on a gaming table is highly dependent on the changes Varg makes to the core rules, both in content and presentation. Maybe someday down the line, someone can Holmes Basic it for him?

Next MYFAROG post will be taking a look at the adventure Demise of Watchman Isle and some of the Monsters and Ettins in the world of MYFAROG.