Vox Day’s Xanatos Gambit a Confirmed Win (at Least for Vox Day)

Just as planned


“…I told everyone that this year was about the nominations and the best we could reasonably hope for was to provoke them into voting No Award… which they dutifully did.

Our execution wasn’t flawless. I made two mistakes, one which was fortuitous as it permitted Three Body Problem to make the shortlist and win, and one which was stupid as it cost us a 6th category in novelette. Our discipline could also have been better, although I don’t see that it would have made any difference at all with regards to either the nominations or the awards. But I trust the moderate approach is now sufficiently discredited in everyone’s eyes.” – Vox Day

“The real winner this year was Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies. Yep. You CHORFing idiots don’t seem to realize that Brad, Sarah, and I were the reasonable ones who spent most of the summer talking Vox out of having his people No Award the whole thing to burn it down, but then you did it for him. He got the best of both worlds. Oh, but now you’re going to say that Three Body Problem won, and that’s a victory for diversity! You poor deluded fools… That was Vox’s pick for best novel. That’s the one most of the Rabid Puppies voted for too.” – Larry Correia.


More Hugo Lies and Slander, this time from Tim Biggs of Stuff.co.nz

Even after the retraction ‘correction’ from EW, Stuff.co.nz has a story up “Sci-fi Hugo Awards hijacked by anti-diversity campaign

The article goes on and claims that Annie Bellet (the lady whose article I reblogged yesterday) was NOT on the Sad Puppies list DESPITE BEING ON THE SAD PUPPIES LIST!


Annie Bellet, one of the writers on the nominees list who was not included in the Sad Puppies or Rabbid Puppies campaign.

Except she was.

Still others have taken solace in the fact that the Puppies’ lists didn’t completely dominate the nominees, with several progressive stories and authors – including Annie Bellet for her widely celebrated story Goodnight Stars – being represented.

To quote Vee Monro, “You’ve hopped aboard the Starship Enterprise to seek out new frontiers of hypocrisy!”

You wanted war? Well, you’re getting war. The Hugos aren’t going to be ruined by people pushing their picks and getting people involved in the process, the Hugos are going to be ruined by assholes who are forcing the victims of their libel to get lawyers involved.

Entertainment Weekly Publishes Gross Libel Against Larry Correia & Other Authors Promoting Sad Puppies Slate; Quickly Retracts After Possible Legal Threat


Update 2: Isabella Biedenharn’s twitter account has been deleted.  After Larry Correia tweeted his outrage about the original article, Isabella tweeted him offering to “hear his side”.  Note that standard journalistic practice is to contact the subject of an article for comment prior to publication.

In one of the most disgusting bits of Journalistic failure of the “Did Not Even Google It Right” variety I’ve seen, Entertainment Weekly wrote:

The Hugo Awards have fallen victim to a campaign in which misogynist groups lobbied to nominate only white males for the science fiction book awards. These groups, Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies (both of which are affiliated with last year’s GamerGate scandal), urged sci-fi fans to become members of the Hugo Awards’ voting body, World Science Fiction Convention, in order to cast votes against female writers and writers of color. Membership only costs $40, and allows members to vote for the 2016 nominations as well as the 2015 nominations, which were just released.

Firstly, these “misogynistic” groups include a number of women writers.  Second, the person who initially wrote the article didn’t even bother to look at the slate.  Third, other than Vox Day (who is himself a game developer), none of the SP/RP authors involved in promoting the slates are particularly outspoken Gamergate supporters, and even Vox Day is not particularly well known within Gamergate community.  Fourthly, “urging fans…to cast votes against female writers and writers of color”?  Seriously?  The guy who started SP is Portuguese*, and WHY DIDN’T YOU GOOGLE THE LIST YOU WROTE AN ARTICLE ABOUT!?

In the correction, Entertainment Weekly acknowledges that:

…Brad Torgerson explained to EW, the slate includes both women and non-caucasian writers, including Rajnar Vajra, Larry Correia, Annie Bellet, Kary English, Toni Weisskopf, Ann Sowards, Megan Gray, Sheila Gilbert, Jennifer Brozek, Cedar Sanderson, and Amanda Green.

But why did it take Brad Torgerson explaining that to you?  YOU’D HAVE KNOWN IF YOU GOOGLED THE FREAKING LIST YOU WROTE YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT!

Even with the published correction, ISABELLA BIEDENHARN needs to lose her job.   I do not call for people’s jobs lightly, and this may have been the first time I have ever done so on Cirsova, but you DO NOT need to be anywhere in the journalistic profession, even writing for a rag as tepid and worthless as Entertainment Weekly if you CANNOT EVEN SUCCESSFULLY GOOGLE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR ARTICLE.

Here, let me Google that for you:

sp google

Oh, look!  A link to a list of all misogynist white male only authors(NOT!) is the first thing that comes up!  Seriously, Entertainment Weekly, you should fire any of your journalists who don’t know how to Google things and print libel because it’s easier.

Judging by his twitter feed, Larry Correia could very well be serious about taking legal action for Libel.  As I’ve shown, not only is the initial paragraph of EW’s article complete bunk, its claims are verifiably – BY THE FIRST RESULT ON GOOGLE – false and slanderous to all of the authors included on the slate and the writers who fought to get them nominated.  This isn’t “Oh, we got a source’s quote wrong”, this is damn near UVA “made the whole thing up” up wrong.

ISABELLA BIEDENHARN, get out of the industry, hide yourself in shame! You are a discredit to your profession.

Actually it’s about ethics in Sci-Fi Journalism


Some Notable Highlights from Larry Correia’s Open Letter Regarding the Sad Puppies Sweep of the Hugos

The whole thing is worth taking the time to read, but I wanted to share a few choice bits:

Note, a lot of the anger this week is about how my people are wrongfan having wrongfun, and thus are bad and should be dismissed, blocked somehow, or excluded. That kind of talk only proves my original point that started this all, and really, it is that sort of asinine, outlandish accusations that caused more of the previously apathetic fans to shell out their $40 to get involved too.


We’re getting condemned for bringing politics into the awards, but we all know politics have been in the awards for a long time. We just did it openly.

I never expected us to sweep the awards. Frankly, I was shocked by the results. I didn’t realize just how many regular fans had been turned off for so long.


Do you know the biggest single reason SP3 got more fans involved than SP2? My guess is that it was after the other side moved the goal posts, and danced in the streets about our “humiliating defeat”, and called all those outsiders first time voters stupid homophobic racist sexists and other super gracious acts, and Hugo award winning former SFWA presidents take to Twitter to have all caps rants about how my people are motivated by hate and racism, you shouldn’t be shocked when my people are increasingly motivated.


I don’t want the Nielsen Hayden’s throne of skulls. It doesn’t look very comfy to sit in.


(RE:)-The Hugos belong to a select few
My, how the tune has changed in just a few years. I loved when Teresa Nielsen Hayden proclaimed that, because when I said the same thing several years ago, I was a lair.

Think about this carefully moderates and SMOFs, the Hugos are either:

1. The most prestigious award in genre fiction that represents the best of all of fandom
2. An award for the favorites for one small group of people at one small convention.

You can’t have both.


Honestly, last year Fandom (capital F) insulted hundreds of outsider fans’ taste and intelligence, called them names, and basically treated them like trash (while the majority kept their mouths shut at best, or gave tacit approval at worst) and now you’re shocked when Vox Day has appealed directly to those people you mocked to vote in a manner that especially pisses you off?


There were like 2,000 total nominations. If it had been a GamerGate plot there would have been 20,000 nominations, and they would spammed it across the internet and had a great laugh about it.
Oh, quick note moderates and SMOFs, if you don’t want GamerGate to get involved in the Hugos, don’t blame me. Tell your Social Justice idiots to shut up on Twitter! TNH(Teresa Tielsen Hayden) is the one invoking and provoking them, not me.

Brianna Wu—who is despised by hundreds of thousands of gamers as an opportunistic vulture—took to Twitter after the nominations were announced, blaming GamerGate for ruining the Hugos, and then she tweeted about how the awards were precious and sacred to her because her husband has 4 Hugos. That is like waving the red cape in front of the bull.


But yeah, No Award a bunch of obviously worthy creators over politics and brag about it on the internet in advance. If I truly wanted to destroy the Hugos credibility to all but one tiny, insular little group of fans, that’s exactly what I’d do.

To me, the most shocking revelation is that barely over 2000 nominating ballots were submitted for what I thought was the biggest and most prestigious award in Science Fiction.  Really? That few people are voting for who is the Best of the Best in a system with relatively open voting?  No wonder these people are terrified: they are afraid that it will be revealed that not only are they in the minority of fandom, they are an insignificant part of it.  The worst thing that could happen to them would be even a few hundred fans of Science Fiction standing up and saying “I disagree”; the success of Sad Puppies showed just how weak their hold over things like the Hugo Awards is and they are at DefCon 1 over this.

This article explains what’s going on with the Hugos better than I could

Consider it a supplement to yesterday’s article.  It also does a pretty good job of explaining what the Sad Puppies are (something I had a little bit of trouble googling on my own, since most of the results that turned up were along the lines of “Fuck Vox Day, Fuck Larry Correia, Fuck the Sad Puppy Right-Wing Fascists, John Scalzi is God!”).