Is Hercules Sleeping With Dudes a Big Deal

The “bisexuality” of Hercules is now a part of Marvel’s botched pandering to the diversity monger crowd. Their mistake is that Hercules is not bisexual: he is omni-sexual.

Herc ended up with such a reputation for trying to have sex with everything that moved that by the classical Greek period, he’d become a meme. He was shorthand for drunken sex & lechery, a cheap laugh-line. A drunk Hercules could pop up from behind a rock at any moment and go “did someone say sex with animals?” and the Athenian crowds would howl. In fact, he wouldn’t even have to say it. Hercules could pop up and mug the crowd (as best as one can mug through a Greecian drama mask), and someone would probably say “Old Aeschylus better clench his cheeks, for Heracles is on the prowl!”

So, uh… Hercules sticking his dick in a wide assortment of things is not a particularly original concept. What is new is that some folks may actually be trying to make the case that this has anything to do with progressivism or diversity.

Take a look at this panel that I’ve seen going around.  See, this is silly where the characters are acting like getting boned by Hercules is something special. These ladies appear to be acting as though sleeping with the highschool quarterback who has not only screwed every girl who would put out but also the mascot (not just the guy in the costume, but probably him too) is some sort of thing to brag about. In fact, this panel is like the cheer squad wondering why guy who wears the costume isn’t proud of what happened. Plus, it looks and reads like those old wincest memes*…


Poor Northstar, but thousands of years of western literature should’ve clued him in that Herc would kiss & tell.

*Update: See what I mean?

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National Gay Black Caribbean Ocean Music Month

Obama forgot that June was already African-American Music Month when he declared it National LBGT Pride Month.

Fortunately, we could honor both here in a single post with this rancid classic from African American punk rock folk hero Wesley Willis.

Wasn’t that fun?  Good, because it’s National Smile Month, if you’re in the UK.

Unfortunately, here in the States it’s also National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. And now it’s been declared National Oceans Month.

And last month was National Jewish American Heritage Month, National Fitness Month, National Older Americans Month, National Building Safety Month, and National Foster Care Month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a youtube video of orphans in foster care blasting Einsturzende Neubauten as work-out music in the living room of an elderly Jewish Man, but if someone gives me Blixa Bargeld’s phone number, I can tell him I’ve got a great idea for a new music video.

Maybe we should stop having National whatever months. We’ve got too many stupid causes that everyone wants to bring attention to and not enough months in the Gregorian Calendar to accommodate them all. And the truth is, no one really gives a crap anyway, and the people who do have given the rest of us plenty of fodder to laugh at them.

RuPaul Continues to be a Brilliant Defender of Free-Speech

While I’ve never been a fan (or even watched, to my recollection) of any of the shows that RuPaul Charles has done, it’s hard not to have respect for someone who is probably the most unique pioneer of civil rights that the 20th century had to offer.

Apparently parts of the LBGT community are now wanting RuPaul to censor himself, wanting a kinder, gentler, softer more PC verbiage from the very individual who first introduced the concept of trans-acceptance to Mainstream of American Media.

RuPaul may not be Transexual (he simply wears women’s clothing) and has also eschewed the titled “Female Impersonator” (“How many seven foot tall women with huge hair wearing 10 inch platform shoes have you seen?”), but he is undeniably an in-your-face icon of the movement and has been for some time before what we (or the media, at least) see as “The LGBT Movement” had risen in the public conscious as anything more than a bunch of people who looked like Freddie Mercury dying of AIDS.

This current flap about language used in RuPaul’s show is reminiscent of how he was one of the only people who stood up for gay crossdressing blackface comedian Chuck Knipp (“Critics who think that Shirley Q. Liquor is offensive are idiots. Listen, I’ve been discriminated against by everybody in the world: gay people, black people, whatever. I know discrimination, I know racism, I know it very intimately.”).

Anyway, here is a recent interview with him; I’ve included some highlights below for those who don’t feel like listening to the whole thing.

“If your idea of happiness has to do with someone else changing what they say, what they do, you are in for a fucking hard-ass road.”

“You know what? Bitch, you need to get stronger. You really do, because if you think, if you’re upset by something I said, you have bigger problems than you think.”

“Four people who have a wi-fi connection sitting behind a computer in god knows where and deliberately misinterpret our verbage and decide “You hurt me”. We are not doing anything to you. That is how you interpret that.”

“It’s the same as in the book Animal Farm, where the animals forgot why they had a revolution in the first place. The pigs started walking on hind legs… Secretly they just want to be farmer John.”


Anyway, a bit later, I’ll be writing up a bit about the first B/X session I ran last night.