Christmas Saving @ Lulu

Thanks to Dyson’s Dodecahedron for sharing this:

Promo Code KTP4 will give you a 25% on products ordered through through the 24th.  This will get you City at the Top of the World for $3.75, which would go quite nice along with one of the Dyson’s Delves compendiums.


Free Copy Countdown

Tomorrow is the last day to download your Amazon Kindle copy of City at the Top of the World for free.  Over 50 copies have been given away so far.  It’s peaked at #48 in free Sci-if/Fantasy short reads.

If you’ve downloaded it and liked it, review it! Gimme a star(or five. Preferably 5)!

Or, if you really liked it, you could buy a nice dead-tree-pulp version from LuluAlexcirsova-72dpi-1500x2000. The promo code should still be good for 15% off your entire lulu order, so grab some other swag while you’re there: FWD15