Map of Triton

Finding a map of Triton is way more difficult than it should be.  My google-fu was weak, and though I was able to find a great site that listed all named features on Triton with coordinates and found great images of the surface, I wasn’t able to easily find any that put the two together, and was frankly too lazy to try to hand map a moon.  None of the books I looked through in the library had anything, either.

Fortunately, one of the guys I game with was correct in his guess that if a detailed map of Triton were anywhere, it would most likely be somewhere on an astronomy wonk’s web 1.0 site.  And sure enough, hiding out of view of google image searches and split into multiple separate pieces was a pretty good labelled map of Neptune’s moon!  Thanks for finding this for me, James!

So that other people won’t have the same problem I did, I’ve pieced together a few of the more detailed sections (V2 didn’t get a great look at Triton; I left off blank and blurred sections) into a map that may show up on image searches.

The source for the original maps can be found here, at Views of the Solar System.  I claim no ownership of this image.

Map of Triton Moon of Neptune

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RPG Blog Carnival: A Map of Alfheim

Enderra’s running this month’s Blog Carnival with the theme of New Worlds, exploration and discovery.

Shadow Over Alfheim takes place in an Imperial colony situated in the old homeland of a race of wicked elves.  The colony has only been around for less than a century, but is showing signs of failure.  While most of the goblins live harmoniously with the human settlers, some tribes have recognized that should the humans flee from the shadow of a returning Elf-king, a vacuum and opportunity will be left for those who can make their hay quickly.

The party in my game is in the service of a wealthy imperial aristocrat in Portsdam with a fixation on collecting elven artifacts.  Some of these he is selling to the scholars of the Imperial University of Arcane and Human Studies back in the Imperial City to raise funds to undertake massive public works projects in the failing colony.  The others may be put to more insidious ends.

While my game doesn’t have the freedom of a hexcrawl, I’ve tried to keep it as sandbox as possible while maintaining enough rails that I can be prepared for wherever the party ends up choosing to go.

Map of Alfheim

Name of the Rose

So, I’m reading The Name of the Rose.  For those who don’t know, it’s a dark and gothic murder at the abbey mystery with a Holmesian Franciscan monk on the case (who in the film adaptation is played by Sean Connery).  Well, one of the coolest parts of the story is that the abbey’s library, which the mystery centers around, is a maze designed to confound and frighten anyone who would seek the forbidden knowledge within without the permission of the abbot and two librarians (the latter being the only individuals allowed access to the library and with knowledge of its layout).  There are a few ‘traps’ within the library, as well, including distorted mirrors and hallucinogenic incense to panic would-be intruders.

Anyway, check out some maps and an essay (which I will do more than just skim after I actually finish reading). haft_library

Maps & such

The provinces of the Cirsovan Empire ARE mapped out, and all cities, towns, ruins, etc. have  fixed locations and relations to one another.  Right now, though, I’ve only got an ugly black and white paint file which I was using for reference.  Also, the only provinces that had geographic features fully indicated via crappy little trees and mountains and such were Gatlia and Northern Ungoza (Agalla, the Marshlands and Galbarrow were not relevant to the campaign, whose focus was the Long Road, when those provinces were initially mapped).

But, I do plan on eventually getting a map of the Empire posted before too terribly long.  I’m looking at using a program called Campaign Cartographer.  Hopefully I’ll someday have a really pretty, colorful map of Cirsova hosted here.  Or better yet, an interactive map, where you can access encyclopedia entries for locations by clicking on them.

For now, though,  I hope everyone can continue to enjoy this page, well in the knowledge that I’m not (entirely) just making stuff up as I go (that’ll probably happen once this blog leaves the far north).

More cool stuff I’m playing around with later!