This is nothing short of erasure.  Leigh Brackett’s centennial birthday found her most well known contribution to sci-fi under attack by a concerted media narrative across multiple platforms.

Read her script and tell me again how it was “discarded”.

the lone credited female screenwriter who worked on one, The Empire Strikes Back‘s Leigh Brackett, died after completing a first draft, which was discarded. – ComingSoon.net, The Next Star Wars Director: Lucasfilm Meets With Mystery Women

one big surprise about the “Star Wars” films have been the lack of any women as writers or directors beyond an uncredited screenplay polish on “The Phantom Menace” by Carrie Fisher, and a very early (and discarded) “The Empire Strikes Back” draft by Leigh Brackett. – Dark Horizons, Lucasfilm Seeks Female Director For “Star Wars”

Leigh Brackett initially worked on The Empire Strikes Back, but her screenplay was discarded shortly after her death – Hey U Guys, Lucasfilm Meeting With Mystery Female Directors for Future Star Wars Movie

yet the lone credited female screenwriter who worked on one, The Empire Strikes Back’s Leigh Brackett, died after completing a first draft, which was discarded. –  Steelers Lounge, Carrie Fisher’s Response to Slave Leia Merchandise Controversy Is Fantastic

The only woman to have written a Star Wars script was Leigh Brackett, who passed away before completing work on The Empire Strikes Back; her draft was subsequently discarded. – Screen Crush, ‘Star Wars’ Could Be Written or Directed by a Woman Soon

Leigh Brackett – a woman – did work on a script for The Empire Strikes Back, but she died and her work was apparently discarded. – We Got This Covered, Women Writers And Directors Are Finally In The Running For Star Wars Movies – But Not For Another Five Years

yet the lone credited female screenwriter who worked on one, The Empire Strikes Back‘s Leigh Brackett, died after completing a first draft, which was discarded. – Camara Oscura, Will “Star Wars” Be Directed by A Woman??


Empire Strikes Back’s Leigh Brackett did her screen writing for the fifth episode. Brackett passed away after the first draft of the movie, which was left unused for the final product, according to Coming Soon – Inquisitr, ‘Star Wars’ Crew Members Going From ‘Boys Club’ to its First Female Director?


The Empire Strikes Back‘s Leigh Brackett, died after completing a first draft, which was discarded. – Albany Daily Star, Will the next Star Wars director be a woman?

Media’s Go-Tos for Horrific Crimes: Gun Owners and now #Gamergate

“This was not a war zone. Journalists were doing a perfectly safe story all local TV stations do. Yet they get shot, on air. This is America.” – Ram Ramgopal, CNN Editor.

“Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15… What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them… Alison made racist comments… I filmed the shooting see Facebook.” – Vester Flanagan, Murderer

Yep, this is America. Already we’re seeing this terrifying and tragic story being turned into part of the existing anti-gun narrative. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with a perfect storm of crazy and a race obsessed media.  But that’s not the only angle now.

Look out, Puppies, I know you’ve been accused of some bad stuff, but apparently you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Nevermind that the murderer gave us his exact reasons, it’s already being blamed on #gamergate.

In a virulent reaction to powerful, strong women who have gained opportunities following the emergence of the Feminist Movement in America, it has become common for failed men to turn their anger, fear, and vitriol at themselves onto women. Often, like Bryce Williams, onto women who are more successful and competent than they are.

Women working in the video gaming industry who had the nerve to speak out against the macho culture and over-sexualization of women in the gaming industry were met with threats of rape and murder. The trolls of #gamergate pounced with threats of rape and murder trying to intimidate these women into shutting up. (emphasis mine)

Fuck. Me.

Minor update: Comment section has been repeatedly scrubbed down to one “herp derp, you’re so right!” comment. Archived comments can be seen here: https://archive.is/qrQ6N  https://archive.is/kGi2M

Christmas Comes Early for Anti- #GamerGate

Anti-GG got two massive Christmas presents between the ZQ fanfic and Jimmy Wales admitting that evidence of wrong-doing is not requisite to be known for wrong-doing.

No one was talking about the ZQ ebook (as a self-published ebook on amazon, anyone could have put it up there) or knew it existed until the Techcrunch article came out about it. Yesterday, completely off the radar. It may not have even existed yesterday and today it no longer exists at all. It’s ridiculously unlikely that anyone in GG had anything to do with this precisely because of how obvious it is how it would be perceived. So far, I haven’t seen anyone who is Pro-GG condoning this*** and many who are loudly condemning it.

Most Likely Culprits?*
Anon Trolls
Something Awful Goons

Somewhat Likely Culprits?
Random Anti-GG False Flaggers

Not likely But Possible Culprits?
Prominent Anti-GG Individuals

Least Likely Culprits?
Actual Pro-GG individuals

As for the Wikipedia thing, it’s kind of a facepalm moment, but it’s really to be expected. When the whole thing is about questioning the reliability of media sources, and only the media sources whose reliability is in question are considered reliable while media sources who question the reliability of other media sources are not, of course you’re going to end up with an absurd bias. If Wikipedia existed in Germany in the 1930s, articles about Jews would focus heavily on how they were detrimental to the economy and how they mixed the blood of Christian babies into their matzo balls, and Jimmy Wales would say “Well, that’s what Jews are famous for” because Der Sturmer was a reliable source and Jewish publications were not.

Consumers of media: “The Media is corrupt and holds its audience in contempt!”
The Media: “The Media is not corrupt, and anyone saying we are is racist and sexist!”
Wikipedia: “Well, if the media says those who question it are racist and sexist…”

ask yourself

*Update: There is another possibility of just a sick weirdo trying to cash in while not realizing there is no audience for it.  There was one other ebook by the offending author, Valeria O., published on amazon around a year ago, featuring erotic content.

**Update 2: Major break, though awaiting verification.  Author of the ZQ erotic fan fic posts an AMA on Kotaku in Action, admits she is not involved with Gamergate and apologizes for dragging the tag’s name through the mud.****

***Update 3: Disclosure, I am seeing some folk in the AMA saying more or less ‘write whatever you want’, so you can take that as condoning.

****Update 4: If this is real*****, my favorite part of the apology is that the author maybe thought this was a good idea because she found the Internet Aristocrat x Nero(Milo Yiannopoulos) erotic fan fiction when she was doing ‘research’.

*****Update 5: Apparently it has been verified that yes, this is the author.

Gawker Kicking and Screaming on its Way Out

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Gawker or the Gawker network. Personally, I’ve always found them fairly disgusting and reprehensible.

Therefore, I can’t help but smile while we may be witnessing the violently thrashing death of one of new media’s most reprobate institutions.

After the vile things Sam Biddle said, Gawker could no longer keep up its cool and hip faux anti-bullying stance, and high profile advertisers can’t scramble to get away from this scum quickly enough.Biddle

Because the Gawker network is full of reprobates, rather than do the right thing, which would be to issue a public apology and purge the Biddles from their payroll, they double down on their anti-gamer stance AND post a long ranting and raving polemic about how the advertisers who pulled ads and cost them all this money are a bunch of crappy people.


It would not surprise me if this is the start of a cascade that will eventually bring down the entire Gawker network. If so, good riddance.