Wacky double standards!

-US Vet takes a wrong turn into Mexico, gets thrown into jail, is targeted by cartel assassins in the prison, subjected to torture and violence: left to rot.

-Woman in Sudan to be executed for the crime of marrying a US Citizen and refusing to renounce her Christianity: left to die.

-A doctor helps provide the intel and sets up the sting to locate Osama bin Laden: left to rot in a Pakistani prison ever since.

-US soldier deserts post and defects to Taliban, numerous US soldiers lose their lives searching for him, the search undermines and destabilizes US objectives in the region: US releases Taliban equivalent of the entire Nazi High Command to get him back.

The good thing for the Regime is, these five guys who were released have really hard to pronounce and hard to remember names, so it’s not like anyone is actually going to remember or pay attention to who got released.

But, just for the hell of it:

Muhammad Fazl – Taliban’s army chief of staff, leader of armed forces against the US in 2001, committed mass sectarian killings against shiites.  Wanted for war crimes.

Mohammad Nabi Omari – Taliban’s Communication Chief.  Oversaw smuggling Al Qaida personal out of Afghanistan.  Coordinated Al Qaida attacks against allied forces.

Abdul Haq Wasiq – Deputy Chief of the Taliban’s intelligence service.  Coordinated a coalition of Islamist groups in the region to unify against allied forces.

Khairullah Khairkhwa – Governor of Herat Province and associate of Osama bin Laden.  Involved in major drug trading operations.

Mullah Norullah Noori – Governor of Balkh Province, coordinated fighting against the Northern Alliance.  Wanted for war crimes, including mass sectarian killings against shiites.

But yeah, you’re not going to remember those names 5 minutes from now, much less how to spell or pronounce them.  But hey, we got some deserter back while his beardy hippie father is at the white house proclaiming Allah be Praised.  Nice to know where our priorities are.  Meanwhile if Andrew Tahmooressi, Meriam Ibrahim or Shakil Afredi  get out of their predicaments alive, it will probably be no thanks to our useless government.

The Sudanese Embassy’s Recent Announcement is Totally Re-assuring to Me!

It’s good to know that the crime of apostasy is a purely legal and non-religious matter.  Apparently it’s just a matter of semantics, and no one needs to worry about the State of Sudan executing a pregnant woman because she married a Christian.  Nothing to see here, folks.