End of the Year Roundup

Man, what a freaking year!

Cirsova saw its traffic almost double for the year.  I’ve built a respectable collection of pulp magazines and sci-fi paperbacks and had plenty to blog about.  This year saw the launch of two new series, board gaming and Short Reviews, both of which have been incredibly popular, and I’ve been invited to do guest blogging on war games.  Cirsova had an interview with Agness Kaku and a guest post from Matthew Ryan.  Cirsova was featured multiple times on Dyvers’ Best Reads.  Cirsova is well on its way to having its own semi-pro sci-fi zine with some truly amazing contributors.  AND Cirsova got named the number 1 gaming blog of 2015!

I’ll pour out a virtual 40 for the homies who have gone away, stopped blogging or moved to other websites.  Also, I never realized how much I’d miss the RPGBA until it was gone.

Tonight, my dad & I take on Malta.  Over the weekend, I finish Karl Gallagher’s Torchship.  It’s amazing.  Buy it.  BUY IT!!!!!!!

An awesome dude from BGG sent me rules for Flat Top (the copy I bought was missing the rules!), so I may get to try that one out after all.

So, I guess this is a good time to do a “Best of 2015” round-up.  If I wanted to show people what Cirsova was all about in 2015 in just five posts (a difficult feat!), I’d have to go with these:






Here’s a bonus.  I only did about three of these really image-heavy posts (the others featuring the ‘Batman in Peril’ covers and the ‘Female characters re-imagined’) but this was probably my favorite,.