Apparently #YesAllWomen is a response to #NotAllMen which was a response to some crazy dude who had issues with women and killed people.  The short version is that #NotAllMen are crazy homicidal lunatics who hate women and want to do horrible things to them, or even really engage in lewd or unbecoming behavior in regards to women, whereas #YesAllWomen  at some point in their lives have been or will be a victim of sexual harassment if not out-right rape or murder at the hands of a man.  In addition, there is also the accompanying assertion that by “Men” they only mean “those Men” and men as a class who represent a threat to women as a class.

I was messing around with a little experiment. When writing a post about “#YesAllWomen” and/or “#NotAllMen”, if replacing all of your instances “Women” with “Whites” and “Men” with “Latinos/Blacks/Arabs” creates the most disgusting and offensive thing you’ve ever seen, maybe you should consider tweaking your posts (or your activism) a bit.

You get some real gems, like:

“So why am I writing about all of this again? It’s because I’m increasingly seeing the phrase “Not all blacks!” cropping up in discussions about black violence against whites. It seems that many are insulted by the perceived implication that all blacks are violent, evil, rapists and murderers. It’s those people that I really want to read this post. Because you see, when we’re talking about issues like black violence and I refer to “blacks” (and obviously I can only speak for myself) I’m not saying that all blacks are the same. That would be ridiculous. What I’m doing is referring to blacks as a sociological group, in the same way that I might refer to the middle-class or the Latino population. And blacks, as a class, are a threat to whites, as a class. What I’m not saying is that any individual black is a threat. With me so far? Good.”

Pretty fucking disgusting, huh?  You can swap the races around however you want.  Blacks killing whites, Latinos killing Blacks, Arabs killing Asians.  Whatever, and you still get a god-awful mess that could come out of the mouth of a Kleagle, a Black Panther, whatever. The worst thing is, because of the ubiquitous whiteness of the internet, it behooves me to mention that I am a person of color, otherwise someone might accuse me of white privilege or something D:

Hashtag activism has to be the one of the worst things to happen to us culturally in the new millennium.