Pelliora is a fortified city in the south-east of Gatlia, a few days journey east along the Gatlian Highway from Sotune.  It was once built as a forward outpost of the Cirsovans who were preparing to annex the Gatlian heartlands.  Upon finding what would become Gatlia relatively uninhabited, Pelliora became an attractive location for early settlers of the region, due to its excellent graze lands and stone quarries to the north.  Many of the cities of Gatlia are built with Pellioran stone.

Much of the food and livestock raised in Pelliora and its environs is shipped eastward to Ungoza, where good beef and mutton is rare and appreciated.

Those who would travel to Santia over land to consult the wisemen of Owen might do so from Pelliora.  There are no roads across the grasslands and moors to the south, but guides are available, and those from Pelliora are said to be more affordable than those in Davou and more plentiful and easy to find than in Sotune.

Pelliora has four representatives in the Gatlian council in Syflanis, including two Lordly Councilmen and two Popular Representatives.  Though larger and more influential in the council than the highway baronies, Pellioran Councilmen will often throw their weight behind causes of the Baron of Sotune, with whom the nobility of Pelliora enjoy a special relationship.  In recent times, however, the Pellioran Councilmen have unilaterally voiced their support for the rise of a young nobleman, Lord Percival Haruun of Syflanis, who has made eliminating banditry along the Gatlian Highway his cause celeb.