255 Game Creators For Hillary (for me to poop on)

I don’t have time to go into this list in detail, because I’m too busy getting issue 4 ready to go out the door, but a laundry list of people in gaming have signed onto this bizarre open letter trying to convince gamers that Hillary is a cool D&D mom.

Aside from the fact that her campaign manager actually is into 1980s style ritual abuse that people tried to associate D&D with, this is an absolutely non-sense argument.

There are a lot of Pathfinder and Wizards of the Coast schmucks on this list, like the utterly loathable Jessica Price and that weenis Mike Mearls, as well as the Cards Against Humanity crew. The only names I’m bummed about are Liz Danforth, Jeff Grubb, and Tim Brannan.  Brannan comes as a bit of a surprise, given his penchant for pinups, but he’s also really big into witches, so maybe the whole Spirit Cooking thing floats his boat.

One very important name is not on this list: E. Reagan Wright

You should probably be playing this instead of that Pathfinder or 5e garbage anyway.



Some Thoughts and Analysis of the New Alt-Right, Why it Emerged, and Why it is so Different from the Old Alt-Right

Update: This morning I found this article by Allum Bokhari & Milo Yiannopoulos that correlates a number of the points I make but goes much further in depth as to the breakdown of who comprises the New Alt-Right and why.  http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/03/29/an-establishment-conservatives-guide-to-the-alt-right/

Trigger Warning: What follows is political analysis; it should not be construed as an endorsement of any tactics or ideologies – it’s just my speculation on why things are the way they are and how we got where we did.

As I watch what our current political contest has turned into, I can’t help but remember how several years back I had theorized that much of the name-calling against conservatives and middle America and provocateurism of certain segments of the progressive left were part of a concerted effort to troll average folks into reacting violently to extended provocation so that they might have a “see? we told you so” moment.

That moment would prove once and for all that conservatives and average Americans were violent and dangerous and irresponsible and should probably have more rights than just their guns taken away because they could not be trusted with them. While they may be hoping for more old-timey Cliven Bundy style ‘standin’ against the man’, what they’ll probably get are more hired protesters getting pepper-sprayed to wildly cheering throngs.  People who have seen incidents like this  or this  will have no sympathy when it comes to incidents like this .

While a large subsection of millennial culture is content to shriek in faces to demand silence of their political opponents before retreating to some safe-space, an equally large subsection that grew up in the stew of a liberal mixture of Pandemonium and Shangri La of the internet is ready to meet their fellows head on.  While older Americans of a more traditional bent may still cling on to notions of decency and being the bigger person, millennials are not afraid to hit back when they are under attack.  The violently competitive and meritocratic nature of a segment of the population that has grown up on competitive gaming and truly anything goes realms of free speech will not be as easily cowed and shamed by the media and political opposition as older generations – it’s simply not in their nature.  What is in their nature is to fight back, fight back hard and then revel in their victory.

Which is why it was a very dangerous game that the media and organized progressive left has been playing for the last several years.  Now when they troll for violent responses, not only may they get them, they will get them from people who are unapologetic and unafraid of the consequences for standing up for what they believe in – even if it means kicking the crap out of a paid protester.  A lot of folks are itching to be the political activist version of Bronson in Deathwish.

Young folks these days have been lied to by a media that positioned itself as their better for so long, that for those who want to take a stand against them, they simply don’t give a damn and won’t be shamed by some talking head prattling on about how outrageous and uncivil the political discussion has become.  What’s being called ‘the rise of alt-right’ is largely due to this rift between a generational group that is willing to stand up for their belief (whatever that may be) and are completely unable to be shamed or fingerwagged into silence and a generational group that has convinced itself that by grinning and bearing anything and everything for long enough, they will somehow triumph because of the rightness of their ideology.  The former hates the latter because they see them as weak and ineffective (and are by and large right in this respect, in many ways) while the latter hates the former because they’re worried that all of that progress they’ve made sitting and singing “we shall overcome” while the media and politicians in both parties piss in their faces will go down the drain because of a bunch of really crude (and often really funny) memes about BLM, feminists and Sanders supporters.

Why do I say that this is a dangerous environment that the progressive left and media are in part responsible for? There are only so many people you can do the “I’m not touching you”/”Stop hitting yourself” bit to until someone kicks you in the balls, and if you’ve been doing it long enough, chances are there will be plenty of people who’d laugh at you rather than say “He shouldn’t have kicked that guy in the balls”, and once one person kicks you in the balls, people will start to see “Hey, I could kick this person in the balls too!” and the next thing you know, everyone is lining up to kick you in the balls, and no one will feel sorry enough for you to do anything about it.

The tactics that had been employed to cow and troll Boomers that even worked on a lot of Gen X-ers are both simultaneously failing to shame-silence while spectacularly succeeding in provoking reaction when employed against a millennial population that revels in its invincible attitude.  When media and political peers say “shame on you”, they say screw off; they are the boxing glove jack-in-the-box just waiting for someone turn the crank.

The new alt-right isn’t like the old alt-right; they are the not, as some think, some new generation of neo-nazis, klansmen or dixiecrats taking up the torch of an old backwards ideology – they were created by decades of Alinsky, student protest, and an agenda pushing 5th estate, rising up to meet the challenge that had been posed using the same tactics as their political enemies.  Pat Buchannan & Barry Goldwater didn’t make these kids – the institutional left did.  Face it: dank Hitler memes are the alt-right’s answer to idiot hipsters wearing Che T-shirts.  The Radical Left could only have its field day for so long until some equal and opposite force of nature would fill the vacuum to become the Yang to its Yin.  God help us all, but this is what all of that Progress has built toward.

A long political rant – please ignore

My biggest fear is that we’re a country on the brink of civil war. The formerly fringe cuckoo-bird left has risen to such power and prominance in certain pockets of our society, particularly in higher education, and their adherants are so ready to take up violent and dangerous methods against those they’ve been taught to believe are their “enemies” that many of the “saner” elements of the American middle have been driven towards accepting the possibility that they have no choice but align themselves with those who are prepared to take violent measures to stop that fringe.

Today the internet erupted when a young man posted a picture of a young woman in a classroom on her laptop which sported a Trump sticker, and he said “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this bitch’s computer“. He got more than thrice that many retweets and favorites.*  This is not an isolated incident. People are unsafe on campuses across America, threatened and roughed up by fellow students and -worse- faculty and staff. How bad are things going to be when these kids get out of school and into the real world? “You lost this one, bro” indeed!

Things are coming to head in the 2016 election in which conservatism has been traded for nationalist populism because people are scared that it’s the only thing that will keep them safe from crusty old communists being propped up by violent millenial agitators. Lucky for us, America is a large enough country that once people actually do start shooting each other in the streets, there’s a decent chance that it won’t be YOUR street that it’s happening on.

I try to stay out of the weeds of politics, I really do, but these days, I’m scared. I’m honest to god for real scared, because there doesn’t seem to be any safe exit strategy. Even if there were a magic unicorn running this cycle who was going to do all of the right things and set America on the road to recovery, there’s no fixing the millions of useless, willfully ignorant, and sociopathically dangerous and violent millenials who are shrieking in faces, smearing themselves with fake blood, carrying mattresses around campuses, calling for an end to free speech, bullying and abusing fellow students in the name of equality and progress, stuffing spaghettios in their vag, and all other manner of entirely worthless or destructive activities being cranked out of the American university system.

John Dewey played the long game and won. It took a century, but by introducing cultural marxism into the education system and working it into every level, progressivism finally was able to create a large enough mass of brainwashed youth to effectively destroy an entire generation’s ability to become productive and useful members of a free society.

I really do pick the worst times to start new entrepreneurial ventures!

*:New reports are out that he actually punched the woman in the hallway AFTER being let go by campus authorities.

Cathy Young, “Cuckservatives”, #Gamergate and the Trump Phenomenon

I haven’t talked about Gamergate, or even really followed it much, for some time; I’ve been too busy with the zine and my new writing gig at Castalia House (both of which have been going fabulously!), but this article rubbed me the wrong way, particularly the attempt to link the term “cuckold” to racism.

This is rather disappointing coming from Cathy Young, especially as one of the few in the media who gave gamergate fair coverage.  As someone who was close to gamergate, she should know that “cuckold” is not the racial term she claims it is.  As a slur, it has come back to prevalence in the last few years, not in reference to race or the supposed black “cuckolding porn” she describes, but by and large to male feminists who are perceived as not being able please feminist women.

Cathy admits in the twitter thread that she knows the actual origin of the term (having to do with Cuckoo birds; it was never a racial term to begin with and has been around in English since the days when most Englishmen had never seen black people and probably thought they were mythical).

It’s pointed out to her that the term “cuckservative has nothing to do with race” to which she replies “Except those who use it say otherwise”, linking to not to someone using it and claiming that they’re using it as a racial slur but to a National Review article full of people complaining that they’re being called cuckservatives and the people calling them that must be racist, claiming that in addition to being called cuckservatives, they’ve also been called “kikeservatives”.  The National Review article’s first linked source?  Washington Post.  Because those guys are in touch and know what they’re talking about, amirite?

It’s sad to see someone who supposedly took up the cause of ethics in journalism spreading and repeating silly falsehoods.  It’s even sadder to see very few people calling them on it.

First, let me preface this next bit by saying that it is not an endorsement of any candidate or policy, but conclusions drawn based on my own observations.

The Trump phenomenon is not difficult to explain.  Many who have, in the past, supported the Republican party as an opposition to the Democrat party and progressive platform have come to realize that there is no such thing as a RINO and those who’d been labeled RINOs actually represent the strategy and consensus of the party as an organization.  In a two party system, Trump represents the only opportunity for those who are opposed to the Democrat platform and who are tired of the GOP’s perpetual betrayal of its base.  It also represents a backlash against conservative eggheadery; for all of the think-tanks and institutes and scholars supposedly promoting conservative thought and ideology, where does any of it show up in Washington?  It’s a vote against policy wonks and think-tanks as much as it is against other candidates.

In an effort of the established pseudo-conservative intelligentsia to stop Trump and thereby maintain their control and relevance, the fear mongering about the straw-alt-right has been ratcheted up.  This is backfiring, however, because when taking Europe into account, people are able to see “there but for the grace of god and another few years of social democratic policies go us” (and I’m not just talking migrants and refugees, but failing social programs and the economic turmoil of the Eurozone as well); the people haven’t changed much in their core ideologies and beliefs, but in their desperation.    Voting “conservative” in the last several election cycles has failed them and many refuse to take the gamble again when 3 cycles in a row Republican majorities in Congress have failed to bring about the policy changes the electorate had voted for.  People have moved from conservatism to nationalism because they feel like they have no other choice.  The GOP is far more responsible for this change by being an ineffective opposition party than the institutional left.  The GOP must paint their failure as being the responsibility of a fringe group of far-right lunatics because otherwise they will be forced to admit that the American people have abandoned them utterly; yet by making concerted efforts to destroy their own front running candidate, they are proving how little the American people need or want the Republican Party to have anything to do with anything at a national level, because they are willing and active participants in the modern American Kleptocracy.  The desire for any alternative at this point is the biggest shaping factor of the 2016 race.

The Republican party IS an institutional cuckold; in the case, the egg is the statist agenda.  Once a pro-statist social agenda in place, they tend to it like it was their own.

For those on the left, whether middle or far left, this should be an object lesson in the importance of not going all out to destroy opposition to your agenda; if opposition to your agenda is ineffective or non-existent, those who object to what you’re doing will go to desperate extremes to shift the balance.  We haven’t seen anything yet, here in the US.  Again, Europe and the backlash that the social democratic left may be about to face there on a continental level has potential to be a bloody demonstration of what happens when any one agenda goes too far without reasonable opposition that is not simply dismissed and denigrated as “alt-right”.

Even many of those who support Trump probably wish that it never had to come to this.   But after a longstanding betrayal predicated on a falsehood of shared conservative ideologies, America’s relationship with the GOP may finally be coming to grisly end.


The Robert Morgan Effect

Have you ever entered an online (or real world) space where you were absolutely certain that you were right about your position and everyone else was wrong? You may have had truth, facts and statistics on your side, but the sheer fact that the position you held or the idea you were espousing was so opposed to the consensus that you were seen as an outsider, an outcast, a troll, a reprobate, a lunatic, etc. In the eyes of those people, you are more than just a fly in the ointment, you are an aberration that must be cast out in order to create a homogeneity of thought, a safe space.

It doesn’t matter if you’re right, because if you’re the only person expressing that viewpoint in a given area you are wrong to everyone else in that space; you are so ‘other’ that you will not be engaged with but struck down.

This is a common phenomenon in discussions of religion, politics, science and even fandom, apparently, when a single ideology or viewpoint is the only one espoused or tolerated by a large group of individuals and a lone individual with an opposing viewpoint attempts to engage in that space.

I propose a name for this phenomenon, calling it the Robert Morgan Effect.

Watch the last minutes of this classic Vincent Price movie.

(Begins at relevant segment 1h24m53s; warning, spoilers for ending of a 50 year old movie that’s been remade 3 or 4 times)

Robert Morgan is the Last Man on Earth. He is the only person who is not a shambling cannibal vamzombiepire. But because he is not, he represents an existential threat to the world the vamzombiepires have set up for themselves. It doesn’t matter that he’s a Man. He’s the ‘other’ in this case, and his destruction is necessary to maintain a safe space.

Addendum: If the matter is simply a disagreement on a matter of opinion, it is not the Robert Morgan Effect.  It is the Robert Morgan Effect when the topic in question is a subject of falsehood, evidence proving the falsehood of a popular claim is dismissed out of hand, and a good-faith effort to engage and correct falsehood is met with attacks against the messenger, often ad hominem.  Presentation of evidence to correct a falsehood is perceived as trolling. It is something of an inversion of Poe’s Paradox.

On the failures of the right/left-wing model of political ideologies

My rather scathing review of the political compass quiz that I scrapped has probably turned to dust in my virtual trash-box, so instead read this fascinating essay on how labels along the political spectrum fail to accurately model qualities and ideals that are the basis of western liberal intellectual/political tradition.