What? A Gaming Post!?

Man, what happened to this being a gaming blog?!

Orite, a kickstarter and an SFF magazine.

I did score a copy of the 1983 Basic Traveller Starter box on Sunday as part of a weekend-haul that also included a handful of Amazing Stories from the early 50s.

I really don’t know if I’ll get a lot of user or play out of it, since it would require me to run it myself and my OG gamer friend is kinda soured on Traveller on account of the GURPS version. But I do plan on going through it and rolling up a few characters when I get a minute!

One thing I’m noticing just going through it is the similarity to Star Frontiers in terms of skills and some at-a-glance basics. I’m sure once I dig in it will be totally different. Though it’s the “basic” game, it looks pretty daunting compared to my game of choice, B/X.

Even if I don’t end up getting to play it anytime soon, I hope that once I read through it, I’ll have an idea of what Jeffro and other folks are on about when they’re talking Traveller.

On another note, some folks and I were talking basic Red Dragon Inn theory. Of course, this only applies to the base set, but hey, why not share?

Fiona – anti-cheating, direct damage, weak at gambling; loses when ganged up on or pressed into gambling. Pick one character and hammer them. Gerki will be easier than Deirdre, but Deirdre can give you trouble if she’s still standing and either cheater is out.
Deirdre – Healing, anti-cheating, weak at gambling; generally loses by getting too drunk (I’ve lost with max health and max alcohol). Try to hold on and make attacks of opportunity. Fiona can hit you back with some retaliatory cards, but you’ve got your healing; going broke gambling with Zot and Gerki will end you a lot faster.
Zot – gambling & cheating, money, and AOE; loses the long game, cannot deal with prolonged direct aggression. Focus on gambling and staying alive; Zot’s decent at avoiding having to drink.
Gerki – gambling & cheating, direct damage; loses when cannot press gambling advantage, undermined by Zot, or under prolonged direct aggression. Gamble, gamble, gamble; Zot’s a threat to your gambling and Fiona’s a threat to your health; attack Zot and make Fiona go broke.

Vox Day Xanatos Gambit Update

Before, Vox Day’s opponents were spending a lot of effort to convince me that Vox Day was evil genius mastermind.  Today, Vox Day confirms they were right.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Fan Writers Category (expect some shilling), posting a partial review of the BFRPG module Zombraire’s Estate (Shadow Over Alfheim), and more Short Reviews.

I don’t know if I’ll really review Red Dragon Inn, but I will go ahead and say “I love this game, I want it and I want all of the decks and I wish it wouldn’t cost me close to $200 to get all of the decks.”

It’ll be a little while longer before I can continue my Bar-Lev series; I got my dad Ogre as an early birthday present, and we played it 4 times, leaving no time to set up another round of Bar-Lev.  He said it was the coolest new board game he’d played in years.  Considering his tastes in board games, that’s saying something.  The only thing that’s a surprise to me was that he’d somehow missed it in the first place.