Big Sale This Week

Issue 6 will be coming out on Friday. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can go ahead and pre-order it. Also, the paperback and hardcover versions will be available then as well.

Kindle copies of Issue 1 will be free all this week.

All Cirsova Hardcovers have been marked to 50% off. Additionally, if you use the promo code “6LZFHB4T” at Lulu, you can get an additional 25% off.


Buy My Book For Dirt Cheap!

Use the Promo Code: BELULUS  and get 28% off you order from!  This is a deal on physical copies of City at the Top of the World and any other stuff you might be wanting from Lulu.  City may not be up for a Hugo, but you won’t hate yourself for reading it, guaranteed!


Only $3.60 + Shipping W/Code!



Also, why not check out Dyson’s Delves while you’re at it?  I’m not an affiliate (so I don’t get any money from it) or patreon or anything, but 90% of the time I come across Lulu promo codes, it’s because Dyson’s the one sharing them.