Schuyler Hernstrom Wins 2016 Planetary Award!

Cirsova contributor Schuyler Hernstrom has won second annual Planetary Award in the Short Fiction category for his story Athan and the Priestess, which can be found in his anthology Thune’s Vision.




Couple of Interviews! (Schuyler Hernstrom & Me)

I was going to write up a debriefing of my session running Raiders of the Second Moon, but Jeffro asked if I could post that at Castalia House, so it’ll be going up there Friday after next.

Instead, check out these two interviews! Yesterday, Scott Cole did an awesome interview with Schuyler Hernstom, which you can read here.

I also answered some questions about the design and art aspects of Cirsova at Nya Designs.

Planetary Awards Voting Open Now

Cirsova contributor Schuyler Hernstrom has several pieces that were nominated in the Short Fiction category for this year’s Planetary Awards. At least two of them (The Gift of the Ob-Men and Images of the Goddess) can be read for free on our website.

Originally posted on Planetary Awards: We’re expanding the voting pool for the awards this year, so read this entire post to find out if YOU are eligible to vote. But first, here are the 2016 stories nominated by book bloggers across the internet: Short Stories / Novellas “Athan and the Priestess” by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in…

via Vote for the best stories of 2016 — Planetary Defense Command

Seagull Rising has Some Awesome Things To Say About Us

Seagull Rising digs the magazine in general:

Cirsova picks up where the dry and dusty modern magazines left off.  It has abandoned the dry and ‘meaningful’ stories carefully crafted to appeal to the right kind of readers, and instead offers the kind of adventurous fun that the pulps used to offer.

and Schuyler Hernstrom in particular:

Images of the Goddess reads like a Dying Earth tale without the oppressive atmosphere or Cugel the Clever’s constant malicious conniving. Hernstrom’s prose harkens back to Vance, but the descriptions lack Vance’s frequent vagueness, and have a much lighter touch.  On the whole, this tale is even better than Dying Earth.  And that’s really saying something.

You can check out the Magazine that “is a vindication of Jeffro’s [Appendix N] work” and the Novella that “is even better than Dying Earth” on Amazon now, both on Kindle and Paperback!

No One Writes Dames Like Schuyler Hernstrom

Probably one of the hardest part of writing dames is conveying just how gorgeous and desirable they are. Some writers are content to just tell us outright that they’re pretty, beautiful, hot, whatever.  Others might try to throw at us ‘garments clinging to their supple form’, ‘milky thighs’, ‘ample bosoms’, or ‘pert upturned breasts’ if they’re really reaching.

Schuyler Hernstrom’ll either make you step your game up or give it up:

“Athan’s eyes looked past the captain to the tower’s doorway. There stood a woman of incomparable beauty. Her green eyes sat calm under a delicate brow. From temple to cheek, to mouth and chin, the lines of her face described an impossible perfection. Her beauty was all things at once, chaste and lustful, mournful and blissful, fleeting and eternal. She was the earth’s rhythms, the lust of spring, the excess of summer, the remorse of fall, the sorrow of winter. She was the Priestess. Alone among the Ullin she wore her hair long. The wind stirred the fair locks to alight on cheek and shoulder. Athan’s heart ached to look upon her.”

Daaaaamn!  Now there is a lady worth killing for or dying for or ushering in a mankind-ending apocalypse for. That is not easy to top.

You can read “Athan and the Priestess” in Schuyler’s anthology Thune’s Vision.

His short story “The Gift of the Ob-Men” can be found in Cirsova #1 and his new Novella “Images of the Goddess” is in Cirsova #2.


Lineup for Cirsova Issue 2

First, I think it is important to point out that Submissions are still open and we will be reviewing stories to be purchased for inclusion in issues 3 & 4 through May 1st.  Why May 1st?  Because I plan on relaxing over the weekend and won’t check my inbox for last minute submissions until Monday May 2nd.

Here is the current lineup of Cirsova Issue 2 –

Short Stories

The Sealed City by Adrian Cole
Hoskins’ War by Brian K. Lowe
Squire Errant by Karl Gallagher
The Water Walks Tonight by S.H. Mansouri
Shark Fighter by Michael Tierney


Images of the Goddess by Schuyler Hernstrom



Issue 2 will be out sometime in June or July.
Issue 3 will be out in September
Issue 4 will be out in time for Christmas

We’re looking at 2017 submissions window being open from November through December, buying 4 issues of content that will take us through the year.

In the meantime, if you haven’t bought a copy of issue 1 yet, check it out!  Help us get into the black so that we’re not a flash in the pan.